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Rescue the prince in a procedurally generated castle! · By DAZEL

Open source?

A topic by WatDowTal created Nov 13, 2018 Views: 172 Replies: 1
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Hi! I really like this game. I've never actually played Celeste, but I imagine it's a lot like this. And gee, it was fun! 

As a fellow Godot user, I was wondering if you could make this game open-source. It'd be nice to see how you do things!

That's all. Goodbye!


Hi, thank you for your words!
The source code is not available as of right now for a few reasons:

  1. I intended this game to be a prototype for a future, bigger and ambitious commercial project.
  2. The code and the project in general are quite disordered and inconsistent due to game jam time limitations. (even if I was really late)

But I will surely share it if something changes in the future!
For example, when and whether the C# support of Godot reaches a great level my goal would be to switch to it, so that I can share the current GDScript version of the game.