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Pixel Fx Designer

Design pixelart effects and render them to .png sprite sheets or .gifs. · By CodeManu

No Steam Key

A topic by gf7 created 97 days ago Views: 146 Replies: 7
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Hi Guys!

Purchase of Pixel Fx Designer on is supposed to come with a Steam key, isn't it? What should I do if there is no Claim-Steam-Key Button on my download page?

It should appear if you bought it. Looks this tutorial, is from another game but all works in the same way:

Thats weird due lot of people got the steam key. When you purchase the tool?

On 30th October

I see, then it should, no idea why other people can get it and you no, i revised and there are stem keys still available. Let us see what can be, btw you can also ask to itchio to see if there is any problem in your account and tell the problem.

Well, I did e-mailed support almost two weeks ago, as I thought it can be more technical problem. Got answer that they only host the projects on their site and cannot provide support for individual titles. Then I waited for a while, but situation hasn't changed, so finally I asked here. That's the whole story.

I see, let us check something, if can't fix that we will just send you the steam key by hand via email. Sorry for the incovenience!