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Exodemon on Greenlight!

A topic by kuupu created Jul 29, 2016 Views: 255 Replies: 3
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Hey people!

I'm developing the game Exodemon and yesterday we launched it's Steam Greelight page.

Its a fast paced FPS game, highly inspired by classics like DOOM, Hexen, Quake and Heretic.
It's not a clone in any way, but I use a lot of what I learned from the masters in this game.

Well, here is the greelight page, please vote yes if you like the game

And here is the page

Thanks! :)


The trailer looks great! I'll give it a go, see if it plays well in

Are you planning to upload macOS & Linux builds as well? You could get some press coverage just by having Linux builds!

It's a little sad the page looks so much like a Greenlight ad though :) Looks like the game is in good shape and entirely playable, how about making the page look good (like a final product) and orient people to the Greenlight page from within the game, when they're done playing it? You'd be sure to have their vote then :)


You are completely right!
Gonna fix the game page later today and create the new builds.

Really really thank you for the useful feedback!


New page looks great!


thank you Amos

Gonna upload the Linux and Mac OS version today :D

Where do you think I can share about the new platforms?

Now I really need Linux and Mac feedback! hehehe