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Unity: How to make a paintball game

A topic by pi-e3 Games created Jul 27, 2016 Views: 581 Replies: 2
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Can i get some tips/code for a paintball gun.

I will give a free copy this game to anyone who gives me this code. The game will be 6 quid so its worth it


Okay, you posted this in two places, but this is where you give the most information, so.

I'm afraid Unity is kind of lying when it claims to enable game development with minimal or no coding. Even a relatively simple first-person shooter is going to take plenty of scripting. The good news is, Unity has an active community, posting canned scripts in their forums for all kinds of games. The bad news is, Unity changes faster than the community can keep up, so you'll still need to understand and adapt these scripts. The so-so news is that a friend of mine who's a pro artist, and not at all fond of programming, was still able to teach himself the minimum needed in a few weeks. Speaking of which: you don't mention graphics, so I assume you have that part solved?

As for the money, isn't it a little early to attach a price tag? Even if you've already done your market research, the game might end up being more effort than you expected... and still not appealing enough to your target audience. Either way, nobody can just hand you the complete code you need. Words of advice are cheap; someone else working on your project won't be.

i know i can sell it for 6 but i do have a friend who is good with coding so i might ask him for a co-op project. I do marketing and maybee some graphics he does code and sounds