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Northbury Grove

Welcome to Northbury Grove...we hope you survive your stay! · By Scythe Dev Team

My thoughts and gameplay

A topic by ALT_er created Nov 01, 2018 Views: 96 Replies: 1
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Hey just wanted to leave my thoughts on the game, ( wanna apologize in advance, English is my second language) honestly, this is one of the scarier games I've played in awhile. Firstly,  i like what you guys did with VHS quality idea, it gave it that 70/80's feel,its one of many elements i saw in the game  that gave the game the 70/80's feel. The VHS it creates this unsettling feeling, (for me at least haha) for example (I've seen  movies when like something paranormal/scary happens the recording devices quality begins to static and those strip of static begin to appear until it complete crashes)  i thought that was gonna happen tbh  lol ( i thought it'd be cool, if like the closer the guy got there was a screen distortion as a hint he was close by idk lol). Secondly,  the story was good and straight to the point, that atmosphere was well built up, from the friend missing, to the car crash incident, and getting locked in the gated building office complex. ( i feel it would build up more is there was more character communication between Conner and Crystal, until the locked part of the office yard building complex area and crystal disappears outta nowhere 0.0)  the random step sounds; i think the sounds of rustling steps definitely made the atmosphere more creepier, i was ready to hit the shift button real quick lol; also the scary  chase music  didn't help at all T_T, i mean it work to your guys advantage, literally as i soon as i heard it, i didn't waste time on hitting that shift button lol.

there were somethings i notice on the game that i feel there should be a slight adjustment. the shifting of the keycard from first to second floor was like "bro!" like as soon as you hit the second floor you rarely got a chance to chill and look for stuff. ( i think its okay to keep the bolt cutter and the fuse up the second floor, keeping the key down on the first floor,i feel it gave the player the incentive to continue to keep looking you know?) secondly, the killer dude, okay, like he was thicc asf and ran fast as heck, like to OP, reduction of speed a little bit would cool and would make sense for a guy of that size. also there was a glitch with the table, it stopped the killer from moving, please don't take it off, that table is amazing, lol, jk, but other than the keycar shifting, killer dude speed being to OP, and the table glitch, everything of the game was great. keep up the good work! i made a small playthrough if anyone wants to check it out! 


Thanks for playing Northbury Grove, Leon! And we appreciate all the feedback! We added your video to our Northbury Grove video playlist. (I keep mentioning I got a LOT of these to catch up on, I've been trying to watch and comment on them all.)

We'll definitely take into consideration the speed of the killer. Our thinking was, "Why are all these slasher icons waiting for campers / babysitters to trip over roots / toys to catch them? Let's just make him FAST." We tried to even it out by not adding a stamina system. We'll have to look into the table glitch.

Thanks again for playing the game, Leon.