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Sci-fi Action Roguelite. Collect DNA from enemies and mutate yourself to victory! · By monothetic

Noob Question i guess

A topic by Maltezack created Oct 31, 2018 Views: 119 Replies: 2
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So, if i were to get alot of DNA strands lets say 10. But i already have 3 slots used, so the next time i die i can only use 2 of them. Will i keep the other 8 for the next, next time i die or will i lose them. (Btw i love the game it feels so good playing it, cheers)


Any DNA or mods that are not used in your genome slots when you reconstitute will be removed. Eventually we'll have a use for all of the extra pieces you have but for now they are just deleted! Any DNA in one of your slots will stay permanently until it's mutated, after which its lifetime is displayed by the number at the bottom right. Once that number reaches zero the mutation and the DNA it mutated from will be removed letting you apply a new piece of DNA. 

Thank you for answering! im really enjoying your game ;)