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BEACON community · Created a new topic Falling Bug

So, i went to the next cloning bay / checkpoint whatever its there one where you take an elevator up to it. Just when it "activates" or opens i change my mind and just down the cliff, then while im falling the screen goes black and i get to the next area. But instead i spawn outside the map and just keep falling and then i die.

So i just got the Floating Abyss mutation for the first time, and its really fun to just float around. However it kinda bugs me that it shakes around so much when you run. I really like the floating animation but could you not overwrite the run animation with the floating animation and just not have the arms shake? But if not i mean its ok  im just a player with no experience in game design at all talking to people making a good game. Cheers!

Thank you for answering! im really enjoying your game ;)

So, if i were to get alot of DNA strands lets say 10. But i already have 3 slots used, so the next time i die i can only use 2 of them. Will i keep the other 8 for the next, next time i die or will i lose them. (Btw i love the game it feels so good playing it, cheers)