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Guardian Angel - A Weeping Angel Parody

An ominous thriller game based on strategic pathways and decision making. · By Spalato Bros

I played through this game and thought it was pretty good!

A topic by ReapeeRon created Oct 29, 2018 Views: 77 Replies: 2
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Hello this is Reapeeron, and may I say thank you for reaching out and asking if I would play your game.  I enjoyed the game quite a lot.  I like the sudden suspense when the angels start to show up.  I would really like to see what is to come in the next chapters.  Hope that you guys keep making great games, and enjoy what you do!  

Wow! You're awesome! This is a great video! Very entertaining! Also Congratulations on beating the level in normal mode! Your name will be added to the boards very shortly!
Thank you so much for the kind words! I wish the very best of luck for you-tube channel too!
And yes i'll contact you when a new level is created!

Alright!  Thank you very much.  I am glad that you enjoyed the video!