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No problem.  it was fun

Fun game with some great music.  Thanks for sending to me!

This game is awesome, not at all what I was expecting.  I loved the setting of the game.  No the usual slaughter house that you see, lol.  Thanks for making the game, I had a ton of fun playing!  

Glad that you liked it!  It was a really cool game that you made.  You should be proud of yourself!

Thanks, I will be looking forward to any upcoming games!  I'm really surprised that I am still in second, I would have thought that someone else would have passed me by now. lol.  

I'll be looking forward to that!

If you ever wanted to go a a surreal trip, then this game would be high on the list.  Great game, I have haven't played such a bizarre game in a while.  

I like how creepy this game got will only the aid of words, and some quick moving shadows.  

Amazing how creepy only words can be!  

I loved the art style of this game, everything looks so beautiful.  A creepy, and unsettling feeling washes over every moment of this game.  It feels so surreal, and bizarre.  

This is a cool little horror game, I had fun playing it! Great job on making a fun and spooky horror game.  

I almost made

it to the number 1 spot.  It was in my grasps.  This was a really fun game, and thanks for sending me this game!  Sorry it took me a while to get to it.  

Very strange game... Very very strange.  I had fun!  

I really enjoyed this game.  I loved the faith series of game too.  The PS1 vibe was fun, and I was really starting to wonder why this game was in the horror section, until Earl started making remakes about the fish that were a little unsettling.  

I was not expecting the T.V. to start screaming at me. lol. Fun game. 

I really liked this game.  I would love to see it become a full game.  It had a very creepy tone to it.  

Thanks for making this game, I had a lot of fun playing it.  I am looking forward to any of your guys upcoming games.  

Thanks for sending me this game, it was not what I was expecting.  It was a lot of fun to playthrough even through I didn't manage to beat it.  Still pretty fun!

This was quite the different game, thanks for making it.  I managed to finish it, but I don't think that I won. lol.  Thanks for making this game, it was weird.  

Thanks for an awesome game Matt!  I had fun playing it!  Amazing what you can get done it such a short amount of time, and I will be looking forward your future projects.  

I like the concept of this game.  The puzzles were fun,but pretty difficult to figure out.  I did notice that if you play the game on the ultra preset the game is much darker then on the low setting.  Anyway thanks for sending me the game to try out! Hope the final product is everything that you want it to be. 

This was a really cool game.  Don't know what that thing was in the woods, not sure if I want to know.  Keep up the great work!

That's alright, it didn't take long to figure that out.  

Awesome little fan game.  I was expecting Plankton to be the one trying to get us, but it does have the second best spongebob villain! 

This is a creepy little game... I liked it.  I like the puzzles and the subtle clues were well done, and the atmosphere is great.  


Thanks for sending me this game, it was a lot of fun!  I liked the gambling and challenges, even through I failed like every single one of them.  I didn't run into any bugs playing, however when I clicked like crazy at the main menu it threw me into the game with an invisible character.  I'm going to say that that was my fault.  

I had a lot of fun playing this game.  To start with the controls where a little strange, but once I got used to them it wasn't bad.  The music is great and energizing!  The gameplay is fast and fluid and the potato men are cute and scary.  Good job, and thanks for sending me this game!

This game was very good.  it's not at all what I was expecting.  I liked how almost nothing in this game was out to get you.  You were all trying to work together in this cosmic horror game, and I think it all came together very well.  Thanks for making such an awesome game!  

I really like the art style to this game, the character models are great, and it all flows very smoothly.  I was wishing that this was a little longer, but I understand that this is just a demo.  Thanks for making a cool game, and I think it will be really interesting once it is fully complete.  Good Luck!

This was a strange and awesome game!  Thanks for sending me this game, I had a lot of fun playing it.  

Thanks for making the game! :)


Thanks, this game was really cool. I loved all the scifi and surreal elements about this, and it had a very interesting conclusion.  I imagine that the war that was talked about had something to do with the thing in the machine, can't say exactly what through.  Anyway thanks again for making an awesome game!

I'm looking forward to the full release of this game.  This was very creepy, strange and kind of disturbing,  The body horror is great, and Ranger Dale is a great character.  

I loved this game.  I hope it gets a full release, because this was a really good game.  I wasn't expecting this to be this good.  Thanks for making an awesome game!  

This was a very interesting game. Thanks for making it.  I had a good time playing through it.  

Time to go on a Sewer adventure!