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Aye Thanks for playing Edwardo Sugo. I did enjoy your video very much.
At the moment no plans for a third game. But feel free to try my other games like "Edgar's Room", Saberbeast, Horrortooth.
I would work on more horror games but currentely busy working on a space arcade shooter with my brother.

- Lewis.

Hello Sugo. 

Thank you for playing! All goods! Hope you have fun with Edwardo.

- Lewis.

Neat concept! and well executed


Edgar's Room is a first person horror game where you must solve puzzles and listen for any signs of Edgar's presence. This game was originally made and published on Steam a year ago. However, I have now decided to make it free and enjoyable for everyone on the itch community. Development for this game was around 9 months with various puzzles and unique game mechanics. 



I appreciate your playthrough!!!
Great to meet you KRYSIS Kills!



Thank you BAYAEARAE!
Glad you enjoyed

Hi 5mg Thank you for playing and completing it. And I appreciate the plug!

Thank you for playing Flamez!
I appreciate that you completed it and even bet your original time! Your gameplay is fresh and exciting!
Feel free to check out some of my other games!

- Lewis.

HAHA!  my community is going to love this video you made. Cheers for taking the time to playing! 

Excellent time! I will add your score to the hall! Can't thank you enough for once again dedicating your time to play my games!

Thank you for playing XxJINKOxX! I'm glad you finished it. Please feel free to check out my other games!


Thank you for playing Queen faith! You're an OG!

Thank you for the comment!
When you mean broken do you mean its lower than what it should be?

- Lewis

Hello chilltia. Thanks for reaching out!
No idea, Its an old project and something broke.
Please feel free to try out all my other games!


in a good way or bad way? 

Thank you for playing Daniel Rain!

Hmmm, depends really on how good you are at FPS's.
Most people average around 30 minutes of game time, i'd say.
Goodluck Dadika!

Why did u click on this hmm?

Thank you for playing!
i'm Glad you liked it!
Damn i'm your 99th sub. Get this man to 100!

Thank you!
Try stealth, Turning off your flashlight could help ;).


Glad you liked!
Thank you for taking the time to play it!
Great video!

Not as hot as you!

Thank you for Playing Xerionix!
Loved the video! That bug was so weird idk how you clipped in it haha, Might have to blame unity on that one XD

Hey Thanks for playing CaptainComaToast!
I hope this experience satisfied you haha.
Great video!

Thank you! Great feedback here!

Thanks DimaLink!
Unity all the way!

Thank you for playing SUPERDIVORCE!
I apologise for your negative experience.
Do you have any other suggestions to make it less "bullshit"?

- Lewis.

She's Fast, She's Deadly, but most importantly She's Sexy!
You better watch out for this Spicy Signorita!
She's taken, but she will hunt you down like you're the only man on her mind.

You play as Charles, an agent sent to investigate the corporate offices. 

Haha Thank you for playing! Was a great watch!

Hey Brokengam, Thanks for the compliment! The way I see it is all about that balance. I wanted to give players a way to play for free and if they really liked what they played then they could support me through steam.

The demo is still a near complete experience as for now, minus a few features. The full game is still being developed (Level 2). 

Feel free to join my discord would love to have you there:

Haha the guy with my favourite intro.
Thanks for playing and the feedback!
It's all good with the samples, I hope you return to this game and find the samples, they are placed in areas where there are furniture, openable containers etc.


Cheers Don!
Thank you for playing!
There's heaps of great personality in your videos. A great watch

Haha Epic video!
Next time I get the chance I'll update this to include GothGang to the board!

You're the best

These are both epic videos!
Well done for beating it on both normal and brutal!
Thank you for playing them!
I will add your name to board as soon as I can!

Haha, You're an amazing guy! Very entertaining to watch!
Yeah sorry the "Bunker" level gets glitched a lot. But I am glad you had fun with it, especially the office level!
Cheers KeesperTEC!

The music track is royalty free, as listed on his website.