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Haha Epic video!
Next time I get the chance I'll update this to include GothGang to the board!

You're the best

These are both epic videos!
Well done for beating it on both normal and brutal!
Thank you for playing them!
I will add your name to board as soon as I can!

Haha, You're an amazing guy! Very entertaining to watch!
Yeah sorry the "Bunker" level gets glitched a lot. But I am glad you had fun with it, especially the office level!
Cheers KeesperTEC!

The music track is royalty free, as listed on his website.

Thank you so much for playing! Awesome video. I subbed to your channel. I added your name to the board.

Hey ItsLorrenzo, Yeah it's a real challenge. I hope to see your return to this game someday to beat it!
Great video!

Awesome VIDEO Absolutely loved it!
Can't wait to see u play the other games

I am thicc now!

Thank you for playing KeesperTEC! I'll add your name to the board. Yeah. horror tooth is a lot easier than Saberbeast.
Can't wait for you to play Only in Darkness, Haha.

Thank you!!  Absolute legend

Your name is added to the board!

Hey Rosti! Thank you for playing.  Cool video. I hope u revisit it soon and beat it!
Here you go special version just for you, let me know if this works

Hey itspandabum.
Great video man! Yes i'd love to see you revisit it and beat it!


There isn't currently, I will look into making a special 32 bit version for you!

HAHA Amazing video! There was some really great moments of you outplaying the creatures and I loved every second of it!
Of course i'll add your name to the boards! Yes very impressive that you finished it without using the torch.

Thank you!
Yes! i would love for you to try brutal.

Bloody amazing video MAYA! Loved it so much

Thank you mehrdadsh, Yes its really challenging! Did u end up beating it?

No worries man! Your name is on the brutal board in big white writing!!
Was a great video!

Isso evita que você tenha que traduzi-lo.
Obrigada sim! Eu recomendo altamente, dente de horror e apenas na escuridão.

Thanks for playing ItZoTom! Hopefully you didn't overheat and get heatstroke XD. Once your room gets cooler, i'd love to see you finish it!
Great video btw!

Glad that sorted itself out. Maybe your anti-virus automatically deleted a file or something. Who knows but i'm glad it works for you now!

Excellent! I'm sorry I only speak English. But you are very talented! I loved every second of your video! You're nearly at 100 subscriptions and that's awesome!
I will add your name to the board for everyone else to see.


I'd highly recommend not removing textures as it would probably crash the game. The texture quality in that version I sent you has lower res textures, and less shadows. 

Thank you TsukuruHouse!
Glad you liked it
One day i'll love to see you finish it!
Try this and tell me how it goes

HAHA! I'm putting you on the leader-board right now. 
I apologise for the music bugs, the zone for the music is small and for the music to trigger you have to be looking in his direction, so there will be times when you see him but not hear the music, depends on your distance to it too. 
Also, The way to counter Saberbeast is to not sprint to only swing your torch when absolutely necessary. He hears every noise you make.

Just like the Horror Tooth vid it was incredibly entertaining!
Cheers, And thank you for completing the challenge.

Hey Levont! You make a fair point about the spider guy! And to answer your other question, The Saberbeast always knows where you are, it just only acts when you make sound. And the music begins if you look at and you are closeby. That torch dimming idea is gold too, i'll look into improving that!

Anyways, That intro you have is still my favourite intro.

I hope to see you return to this one day!

HAHAHAHAHAHA!  I knew you were going to like it, I'm certainly going to be rewatching this 100 times.

Hello lord. That is definitely unusual. First of all did you extract the .zip before playing. Secondly, are you mac or windows? And thirdly when you die, are seeing an enemy kill you or is it completely invisiblE? 

I would love to see this in action but it's up to you. 

I take any negative review seriously, so I don't want this happening for future players.

Hey StarChe, Thank you for playing Saberbeast!
Im glad you got scared haha.
I subscribed to your you-tube channel. I hope one day you'll return to get your name on the board.


Well done Adrionic!
You are extremely entertaining as a Youtuber, I am glad you liked it. I will add your now to the board right now.

Wow! Nice Run Buirry! I knew you would complete the challenge!
Thank you! I am glad you liked your experience! It was a great video.
I will add your name to the board!

Sweet, Well in time you're revisiting this! You can't go without getting your name on the brutal board!

Thank you NaughtyNelly! I'm glad you enjoyed this one. And YES please return you need to get your name on the board!

HAHA Thanks for playing man!And that's really kind of you! Awesome intro, gameplay and outro!
YES! Please i want your name on the board! You can do it!

Hey Gphobia! I love your accent! Thank you for playing man! i did enjoy your gameplay! I hope you return to it in the near future to get your name on the board.