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Spalato Bros

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Thank you! For giving it a spin. Great video like all your others as well. The bunker can be found if you look at the top of the radio tower on 6/6 then it will signal where to go. Your name will be added to the "Special Thanks" board in the central shack in the next update.  Cheers.

Thank you for playing, your name will be added to the "Special Thanks" board in the central shack for the next update.

Thank you so much for playing. We noticed the frame-rate, even with the hindrance great effort you got 6/6. Your name will be added to the "Special Thanks" board in the next update coming out within today. The update aims to address the optimization of the game. Cheers.

Excellent video, loved it. Your name will be added to the boards in the central shack in the next update coming in about 3-6 hours from now.  Sorry our game is still in beta, but my brother and I are working to release new levels ASAP.  Thank you!

Thank you for playing! and posting a video. Also Congrats on completing the game in normal mode. Your name will be added the boards in the central shack in the next update coming today which is an optimization update. We saw that your frame rate wasn't all too high, this would account for the slow speed.  But all in all keep it up and grow that channel. Cheers.

Thank you! For playing and the feedback. Its greatly appreciated.  We agree with what you say. Also your name has been added to the boards in the central shack for other players to see. The next update will come out tomorrow.  Cheers.

Awesome video, your name officially will be added to the boards, the update comes tomorrow.  Thanks

We are so thrilled that you finished it. Well done! Your name will be added to the "Players who complete the game in normal mode", in the next update which comes tomorrow! That one specific jump-scare was legendary, awesome video, entertaining as always. Thanks

Thank you So much!

We are sorry.  We do have a small list of minimum requirements for the game in the description. Does your PC match or surpass these parameters? have u tried loading in game and turning off all the special effects?  Due to the game being open for player choices in pathways for the map and not confined to set jumpscares it does take a bit more computing power to run.  Plus recording software also hinders game speed. 

Thank you for the feedback.  

Nevertheless. Thank you for playing your gamer tag will be added to the Special thanks board for other players to see. 

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We are sorry that you didn't like it.  The slow movement/sprinting is due to your PC performnce, it looks like your running it at 10 or 15 fps which essentially means the game is 6 times as slow as what is intended.  The player model has a slight slide but again the low fps makes this look bad.  Try lowering the graphics before you start and if you press escape in game you can take off any special effects that may hinder performance. We are sorry we can't cater for your taste in horror video games but again even I wouldn't like the game if I could only play it at 10 frames per second.  (press tab for fps  counter). Just a thing to keep in mind. 

It does share some similar qualities as slender. Such as having a flashlight. Exploring a map to do objectives.  However,  the enemy AI is completely different, music and audio is completely different. Try looking at some of the other YouTubers who played the game like: captain fructose, pecanyoutube to name a few. 

thank you! Luneskie For the support.  We will notify you when we create a new level as well. 

Thank you so much for playing and the support. Very entertaining video, excellent composition.  We are glad you remained committed to beating the level. Your name will be added to the "special thanks" board and the "players with normal completion" board in the next update for other players to see. 

Thank you for playing! Your name will be added to the "special thanks" board in the v. 0.1.5 update. Liking the attitude in the video.  We are planning to release this on steam next.

Thank you so much for playing! Excellent video, very entertaining! We are glad that you enjoyed it. Your name will be added to both boards in the central shack "special thanks" and "players who complete the game in normal mode" in the v0.1.5 update. (The v0.1.4 just came out last night). You won't have to worry, no mazes. And yes we are definitely changing up the objectives for the next levels.  Again, thank you so much. We will keep you posted about a new map edition. 

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thank you!!!  Loved the video!  

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Thank you for playing! Entertaining video. The player height and grass height is being tweaked for the next update coming tonight or tomorrow. The starting sequence can be skipped with the space bar.  You still will have to journey to the shack though. 

Regarding the angels they work like this: 1-2 switches =1 angel. 3-4 switches is 2 angels.  5-6  switches is 3 angels. The flashlight acts as a tool to stun the angels.  Then its up to the player to gain as much distance away from them as possible. Like Doctor Who, touching the angels should be avoided at all cost. Take advantage of the sprint backwards mechanic.  Also, Angel despawning is completely randomly generated. Which is both an advantage as disadvantage.  Advantage being that at least you have information on positions of angels. The flashlight won't be able to kill them. It only buys time to flick switches.  Again thank you for playing, your name will be added to the "special thanks" board for other players to see. Hope to hear from you again soon. 

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Hey Szamer, Thank you for playing, very entertaining and so close..
Hint -  to end the game and survive, after you activate all 6 switches all the red line connections will turn green and if you look at the top of the radio tower it will send a beacon to where to go.  (We are also planning to lower the grass height).
Nevertheless, your name will be added to the "Special Thanks" board for other players to see in the v0.1.4 update (coming soon). We would highly recommend you retrying the game (with downloading the newest build v0.1.3), We loved your video and we would love your name to be on the "Completion of normal difficulty board". We average around 60-80 downloads a day which  means that daily, 60-80 new players will be seeing your name which can help grow your YouTube channel. Other channels have already grown from this game.
Thank you so much! Hope to hear back from you soon.

Thanks for playing! Cool video,  There is still work to be done.  However, you are on a very very very old build of the game (maybe a month old).  Many of the issues you had, such as (Not knowing if you died or completed the game) have been fixed. Just all together its  a very buggy version of the game, Nevertheless, thank you! for trying out the game. Try downloading the newest build, you'll see a huge improvement. Your name will be added to the "Special Thanks" board in the central shack for other players to see.  

Thank you so much for playing! We are glad you liked it and thank you for attempting hard mode too. Most people steer clear from it, very impressive. Great video and your name will be added to the boards in the next update.

haha nice video. You forgot to pick up the flashlight at the shack xD.  This can be used to ward off the angels. But thank you for playing

all good! Keep up the great videos! 

no worries! Thank you for playing! It's the least we could do to repay you.

Thank you so much for playing and beating it on normal! Your name will be added to the boards in the next update!

Thank you so much for playing! Loved the video! We saw your play through, so close. When you get the 6th switch the radio tower beams a light to the direction that you must go to finish the game. In the next update your name will be featured on the special thanks board!

Thank you for playing the game! love the video!

Thank you for playing and the feedback! We've taken it very seriously and actually implemented most of what you said. Like reduced camera wobble and removal of pumpkin head. The angels teleportation is meant to simulate  the player blinking but we may decide to change this too. Your name has been added to the "Special Thanks" board now anyone who plays the new build will see it. Cheers

Thank you! For the feedback! We noticed that the Angels were always on top of you on Normal difficulty. So we are releasing an update tomorrow to balance the spawn rates. Also we noticed that the angels wouldnt be stunned sometimes when u shown the light on them. This is because the flashlight shoots a thin invisible line, this means you must have the centre of the screen on the angel to work. This becomes easier to do when you hold down left click instead of spam clicks.  We may introduce a crosshair to help with this too.  But thank you for playing, grately appreciated! Hope to hear more from you.

Thank you! For the feedback! If your gear isn't of a high caliber that is fine there is ways to optimize it. When you launch the game you should see a box that lets you adjust the quality settings and resolution (This will help a ton).  As well as  in-game by pressing "Escape" there is a settings tab that allows you to take off any visual enhancement options. Thank you for playing, much appreciated. 

Thank you! JayPlaysOfficial. We will keep you updated on progress which is being conducted. Keep up the awesome youtube vids! Much love.

Hi StepVibes! Thanks for playing our first game Guardian Angel.

 It was awesome watching you play it and when you figured how the game worked, you're very entertaining! We subscribed to your YouTube channel. 

You're right, the game does need to be more balanced, it is brutally difficult in the last section. 

We are a team of two brothers in Australia and this was our first collaboration together. Feel free to look at our followers and try their games out too!