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Hey StarChe, Thank you for playing Saberbeast!
Im glad you got scared haha.
I subscribed to your you-tube channel. I hope one day you'll return to get your name on the board.


Well done Adrionic!
You are extremely entertaining as a Youtuber, I am glad you liked it. I will add your now to the board right now.

Wow! Nice Run Buirry! I knew you would complete the challenge!
Thank you! I am glad you liked your experience! It was a great video.
I will add your name to the board!

Sweet, Well in time you're revisiting this! You can't go without getting your name on the brutal board!

Thank you NaughtyNelly! I'm glad you enjoyed this one. And YES please return you need to get your name on the board!

HAHA Thanks for playing man!And that's really kind of you! Awesome intro, gameplay and outro!
YES! Please i want your name on the board! You can do it!

Hey Gphobia! I love your accent! Thank you for playing man! i did enjoy your gameplay! I hope you return to it in the near future to get your name on the board. 

Hey Bratch! Thank you for playing I added your name to the normal board!


Thank you for playing Masterkeef. Yeah this game has a larger learning curve compared to my other games. I am glad you liked it though!

Here's the new game i just released, hope you get around to it.

Here's the new game i just released, hope you get around to it.

Here's the new game i just released, hope you get around to it.

No worries, it's always a pleasure to watch you play my games!
I left a comment on your vid!

Thanks man! I left a comment on your vid!

Hey Naughty Nelly. Thanks for playing, you were so close. The portal room is the room behind the red door in the centre big room.  That opens as soon as you get all the eggs. I'm glad that my game provided you with good entertainment though.  

In about a few weeks I'll be releasing a new horror game. So I'll message you when that comes out for you to try it. 

Like always great video man! 


Hey man, Thanks for playing! Good job on completing normal mode, i am happy you pushed on, I'll add your name to the board. 
The random dizziness occurs when you abuse your ability, by turning it off and on rapidly. This was done to balance the game as using your ability puts you in a state free of danger. You're right though the game should probably be a bit more intuitive by warning you before you abuse the ability.
Ah yes the restart button has been a thorn in my side so it's removed.
Currently working on a new horror game, when it's released i'll ping you a message to play that one.
I've subbed to your channel, great video!
Cheers man.

Thanks for linking it Requiem!

Awesome Requiem, I'm glad you loved it. I can't wait to see the video once it's released. Militia is a legend.

Thanks deadlygeorge, feedback noted.

Thanks Militia! Your vid was well worth the wait. Your name has been added to the board :) .

Cheers man, Yeah now anyone who downloads it will be able to see your name.  If you want some more content, try some of my older horror games. I recommend Only In Darkness especially the second level. 
Can't wait to see more of you.

Oooo nice job man

Thanks man, Great video. Can't wait for Part 2 on the second level.
As soon as you complete the second level i'll update the game to include your name on the boards.

Also, I really hope you can spare some time to play my newest game"horror tooth". I'm running a competition with a 70$ prize pool. More details about it are in the game's main menu.
You'll like this one.

Hi Xerionix.
Two factors will determine the deadline.
1) When sends through the payout money which so far is above $60 depending on tax. (It takes 7 days to approve).
2) The deadline will be made larger depending if Markiplier or any other big you-tubers make videos of it. However, the benefit of that is the cash prize will increase greatly.

I do plan to give the money away regardless though.
Also you should join my discord as i will release more info on there in time.

Haha thanks for playing, yeah this level is sort of a parkour thriller game. However, the second level is completely different, I can't wait for you to play that. 

You completed the first level first try cause of pure skill, back when it was released everyone usually died once or twice.  I'm not gonna update the boards yet, I'll wait till you complete the second level for that haha. 

Cheers Cpt. And I will join your discord.

Thank you for playing TUD! 

Well done, on completing the game on normal difficulty. I will be adding your name to the board. 
I double subbed to your channel, and I really hope your channel continues to grow! And i hope you continue playing my games once more come out. If you're looking for something scary, i'd suggest playing "only in darkness" the second level specifically. Enjoy

Yeah that's true.  A lot of developers lack when it comes to audio design, as it is a hard skill to pick up,  but it  can make or break a game.

Cheers man. 

No worries man! Good pointer, the colour the board has been darkened!
I'll let you know when I release a new game.

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Woah, didn't expect another video on this. But i'm happy you played it! And you finished it well-done.  Great video  btw.
Since its old I'm probably not gonna update the boards but... I would highly recommend playing "horror tooth" which is a game i just recently released. 
This game will receive updates and if you complete it i'll add your name to the boards.

Thanks man!

Hey man! Great video. That's a really cool intro! Did you make it yourself?
That's a good idea actually, ill look into implementing addition Ui for the objective count.
I'd love for you to reattempt it sometime so i could add you to the board but that's if you would like too.

Thank you for playing it!

Thanks man! Great video btw!

Awesome, I can't wait to see it 

Vio will teach you better than me 

You are awesome Maya, you are genuine and very entertaining, Thank you for playing and beating the game, I will be adding your name to the board, for every future player to see. I'm glad you liked it and am eager to see how you do with Only In Darkness hehe. Cheers!

Wow you actually beat them both, When i get the chance i'll update these leader boards as well. Ah yes the office stalemate the only way to see is to use the camera but the camera is the object that makes you vulnerable. Hope i made your experience scary!
You're a good person dcmqr thank you!

Sweet. If you want to play games like this check out my other games,  only in darkness and guardian angel. 

If you want something scary I'll recommend the office level in only in darkness. It's not ps1 graphics but you get to use an old school Sony camera.

Thanks man! 

Nice Job Gamers nation! Will be adding your name to the board as soon as possible!

Thank you gphob1a. I did enjoy your gameplay! Well done on completing it in normal difficulty. I will be adding your name to the board as soon as I can!