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Thank you for your feedback, we have not tested a macOS build. If possible, please use the Windows PC build as it is stable and up to date with the latest version. Good luck!

Done! It's uploaded and is set to free. Should work but message me if it doesn't!
Thank you!

yeah haha!  It's great isn't it! 

Hey, Thank you for playing, I really liked your video!  Haha I guess that's a job well done on my end for the scare! 

This is a great video! Thank you for playing the game! It was fun to watch!

Thank you so much! Great video!

Thank you so much!! That means heaps to me!
I watched your video and loved it! Your commentating is so great!
Yes we are working on more levels!

Your name is added to the board for other players to see!

Thank you for playing the game! Glad you liked it! Your video is awesome! Keep up the good work!

Thank you much!
Oh that is unfortunate about the graphics...The reason for that is there is a system in the game that detects frame-rate, if the game runs at 30fps or below for 10 seconds it auto adjusts the quality settings to suit a higher frame-rate.
But thank you for that feedback! We will use this experience to perhaps make the player have the option to lower the graphics rather than it do it automatically!

But nevertheless, the video was great! You're doing an amazing job entertaining me as a viewer! I really wish the best for your you-tube channel! 
Keep the videos coming!

Wow! You're awesome! This is a great video! Very entertaining! Also Congratulations on beating the level in normal mode! Your name will be added to the boards very shortly!
Thank you so much for the kind words! I wish the very best of luck for you-tube channel too!
And yes i'll contact you when a new level is created!

This video is so great! You are an excellent YouTuber it's so entertaining to see your reaction!
And thank you so much!

CONGRATULATIONS DUDE! Loved the video! Your name is added to the board!

Did you activate the switch in the centre of map? The one in the shack that starts the game?

Haha no rush i'm sure you'll beat it one day!

Thank you for your feedback Flame!
The day time/night time cycle was slowed to help new players understand the map better.
We received feedback that due to the way angels operated, it made it increasingly difficult for newer players to know where to go next.

A solution could be to implement a new game-mode that is like the old one where the night cycle is faster.

Thank you for raising your opinion and giving feedback. It's awesome to see you like it. On to the issue,  does your game always sit slightly sit above 30fps? We could probably edit the auto graphic feature to only occur if you fall below 25fps instead of 30fps. Have u tried the middle graphics setting? It looks close to the highest graphics it's just shadow distance is reduced and a few minor tweaks. (nothing too noticeable).

Is your PC/laptop set to High performance mode.  This might help eliminate the problem alltogther too. 

Thank you

 Contact us if you still get problems. 

Thank you for playing the game!  And glad you liked it! Well done on completing it, it was great to watch.   Your name has been added to the boards!

Thank you for playing, and glad you liked it. Wow what a great concept for your you-tube videos! Loved the video! Keep up the great work!

Thank you! We plan to release it on steam when we get more levels, which should be soon!
About 50 days ago you attempted the game in hard mode and we admired that you challenged yourself. We know that your entertaining as a You-Tuber and you have a decent PC.
Well the game has been fully rebooted for better performance and graphics, we have had two players already finish the level in hard and we would love for you to be our third! and potentially get the best time.

Congratulations! What an honor to watch! 5:10 is the fastest time so far for hard mode! The update just came out and your name is now added to the "hard" board (It is hyperlinked to this video when you click on it with the flashlight selected). Thank you so much!

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Thank you for giving the game a second chance! Although the video was in German it's was super entertaining. It's amazing how I didn't understand a single word you were saying but I knew exactly what your saying at the same time. 

It may be a little slow at the start when the sun sets due to shadows. But your computer seemed fast enough to run it especially in the later stages of the game. 

You were so close, the bunker was behind that shack you went in.  However, well done you definitely have the skills to multitask really well. I would recommend if you do try to finish the game once again to the get the absolute newest version, (there was a bug that even if u get to the bunker it still kills you sometimes). Plus the newest version has a top view map of the place.  But all in all great video I hope to see you on the "normal" board. And maybe even join the "hard" board like the player UltraZangiefZ did just recently. 

We will be releasing more maps when we get some donations as we need money to pay for help. Thank you!

In a time of 6 minutes and 13 seconds UltraZangiefZ completes the tower level in "Hard" mode.
Watch as he pushes himself valiantly to complete the level. THANK YOU!
Link of proof:

thank you for playing. We will be adding your name to the special thanks board in the central shack for other players to see in the next update. Keep up the vids

Thank you for the feedback! Awesome vid, I'll add your gamer-tag name to the "Special Thanks" board. Cheers!

Thank you for playing! And for the feedback! We going to fully revamp the controls to make it less slippery in the next major update.  Cheers!

Thank you for playing! Well done on completing it in normal mode. Great video. Your name will be added to the "Special Thanks" board and "Players who have completed the game in normal mode" board. I update this board daily.  Cheers

Thank you for playing. So close to finishing you got 6/6. We would love for you to finish it in another video so we can add your name to the "players who complete the game in normal mode".

Here's some helpful tips :

 The flashlight plays a very important role. It's located at the  central shack below the radio tower. When you pick it up you can use "left click" whilst looking at the angels to stun them.  This  buys  time to activate switches.  The angels need to be looked at and stunned for the player to have a sufficient chance of winning. Be aware and be cautious, Players that treat the game like slender (don't know if you've played it)  will die. Try the "stun run" strategy.  This is when you stun the angels and run backwards at the same time.

Hope that helps. 

Nevertheless, thanks again. At this given time your name will be added to the "special thanks" board in the next update.  Cheers. 

Thank you for playing! Awesome video. Love the commitment to finish the level. Thank you for feedback! We will address the switch hit box activation area. Your name will be added to the "Special Thanks" board and the "Players who complete the game in normal mode" in the central shack in the next update for everyone else to see. 

Thank you for playing! Great video. Your name will be added to the "Special Thanks" board in the central shack in the next update. Cheers

Thank you! For giving it a spin. Great video like all your others as well. The bunker can be found if you look at the top of the radio tower on 6/6 then it will signal where to go. Your name will be added to the "Special Thanks" board in the central shack in the next update.  Cheers.

Thank you for playing, your name will be added to the "Special Thanks" board in the central shack for the next update.

Thank you so much for playing. We noticed the frame-rate, even with the hindrance great effort you got 6/6. Your name will be added to the "Special Thanks" board in the next update coming out within today. The update aims to address the optimization of the game. Cheers.

Excellent video, loved it. Your name will be added to the boards in the central shack in the next update coming in about 3-6 hours from now.  Sorry our game is still in beta, but my brother and I are working to release new levels ASAP.  Thank you!

Thank you for playing! and posting a video. Also Congrats on completing the game in normal mode. Your name will be added the boards in the central shack in the next update coming today which is an optimization update. We saw that your frame rate wasn't all too high, this would account for the slow speed.  But all in all keep it up and grow that channel. Cheers.

Thank you! For playing and the feedback. Its greatly appreciated.  We agree with what you say. Also your name has been added to the boards in the central shack for other players to see. The next update will come out tomorrow.  Cheers.

Awesome video, your name officially will be added to the boards, the update comes tomorrow.  Thanks

We are so thrilled that you finished it. Well done! Your name will be added to the "Players who complete the game in normal mode", in the next update which comes tomorrow! That one specific jump-scare was legendary, awesome video, entertaining as always. Thanks

Thank you So much!

We are sorry.  We do have a small list of minimum requirements for the game in the description. Does your PC match or surpass these parameters? have u tried loading in game and turning off all the special effects?  Due to the game being open for player choices in pathways for the map and not confined to set jumpscares it does take a bit more computing power to run.  Plus recording software also hinders game speed. 

Thank you for the feedback.  

Nevertheless. Thank you for playing your gamer tag will be added to the Special thanks board for other players to see.