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Scopicity: Solo TTRPG

Journaling Game where for Solo World Building · By Sparuh

We Love Feedback - Help Us Improve!

A topic by Sparuh created Oct 25, 2023 Views: 122 Replies: 2
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Thank you for playing Scopicity! We are so glad you chose to experience our creation. ❤️

Your feedback is invaluable to help refine and enhance the game. Please let us know if you have any:

  • Typos, errors or mistakes encountered in the game.
  • Confusing rules or oracles that are hard to understand.
  • Frustrations with gameplay flow or layout.
  • Suggestions for additional content or features.
  • General reactions and impressions as you play.

Our goal is to utilize your valued feedback to improve Scopicity. Please post any and all thoughts.

We will review all feedback and respond when possible. Thanks for helping us build an optimal scribe experience! Now let’s continue exploring the microverse!

I tried to play the game co-op with some friends. We had fun but it was difficult to run a game using the mechanics and oracles to propel the story. I don't know if it was my lack of planning or the game but there were times I didn't know what I was doing.

Next time I'm going to use this game for world building but the game play mechanics should be from Solitaria 


Hi there, thanks for sharing your experience playing Scopicity co-op with friends! 😊

I completely understand where you’re coming from. Scopicity was originally designed for solo play, using mechanics similar to games like Alone Amongst the Stars - so having no defined goals or complex gameplay can make co-op feel aimless or confusing at times.

The core of Scopicity is really about building up your world over time and seeing how long it can survive against looming apocalyptic threats each season. It’s more of a chilled out, creative sandbox than a tactical gameplay experience. However, Using it just for worldbuilding and pairing it with Solitario for more guided co-op play makes total sense!

Now we’re thinking of implementing some new ideas:

  • Introducing a “Goal” oracle could provide helpful guidance and structure for players during their sessions. We’ll look into developing something like that which groups could draw from if desired.
  • A “Leader” resident or set “Community Goals” are also great ideas for giving players a unifying objective to work towards together in building up Scopicity. It would really help strengthen that feeling of an evolving, lived-in world.

I appreciate you taking the time to give thoughtful feedback. Hearing about your experience helps us better set player expectations and improve recommendations for different playstyles.