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Scopicity: Solo TTRPG

Journaling Game where for Solo World Building · By Sparuh

Ask Us Anything

A topic by Sparuh created Oct 25, 2023 Views: 194 Replies: 4
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We’re thrilled you want to learn more about Scopicity - the imaginative solo journaling RPG where you can create and explore microscopic worlds. Ask us anything about the game here!

Key points about Scopicity:

  • Build civilizations, societies, creatures, landscapes, technologies and more within tiny universes called Scopicities.
  • Use Oracle card prompts to guide your storytelling and worldbuilding. The possibilities are endless!
  • Start your scribing journey as a character or as an all-seeing narrator - your choice!
  • Rich artwork visually transports you to overlooked microscopic realms.
  • Customize your creations with races, maps, histories and more using the guides.

Please post any questions you have about playing Scopicity below! We have lore masters who regularly check and can help explain anything. We aim to provide the best Scopicity experience.

And thank you for joining our microverse community! Your support motivates us. Now let’s start exploring the invisible worlds of Scopicity!

are purchasers of the previous version going to get the new version?

Developer (2 edits)

Hello, thank you for your interest in our game. Yes, purchasers of the previous version are eligible to get the new version for free. We have sent an email to all previous purchasers with a link to claim the new version.

It is an sales page. You can claim it by downloading it from the sales page if you’ve purchased the previous version. Please check your inbox and follow the instructions.

We hope you enjoy the new version of our game.

Hi I bought Scopicity from amazon but cant access the link at the back for the play books / digital copy? any help?

yours David


Hi, can you attach a receipt from Amazon of your purchase and send it via email to

We will send you instruction for the soft copy from there.