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Awww. Don't tease me with (the risk of getting pregnant) and then not deliver on said getting pregnant lol. You dangle a chipmunk(my favorite btw), two cougars, a swan, two flamingoes, and a honey badger then say I can store my nuts in the chipmunk but I can't increase my local MILF population. Lol

Curious is something wrong with the game flags: I know for a fact a store my nuts inside Emma for a nine-month-long hibernation period and the second season says she isn't on the fast train to mommydom. Love the game but the whole reason I took the option is to that little chipmunk knocked up.

i purchased the bundle but it doesnt include the full version only the demo version


1. Calm it down. I didn't see the post because it doesn't show up on your itch page for Wet Nightmares

2. I didn't buy the game on other sites. I brought it here so I am coming to itch for information about my purchase

3.I get it you are probably tired about answering this question. But the very least make a development log explaining the situation on itch. It may cut down on this question being raise. Just saying I get a shit ton on my feed or what not about your other silent on itch about Wed Nightmares...

I like the premise and I want to see how the horror unfolds.


I would love to buy this....but it is saying I can't....

okay, thank you for prompt response and your answer. Please make more!! 

there seemed to be tables missing Strengths and Weakness

I don't think he is necessarily the villain. He isn't a saint either. He already explained he was attacked by people pretending to need help before. The sex part well we all know why we are here.