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PNGTuber Plus

Get more out of your png tubing experience. · By kaiakairos

List of things to add (update).

A topic by Demian created Oct 22, 2023 Views: 641 Replies: 5
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This is my list of current problems that I find need improvement and some other ideas.

1. Support for Spout Stream (Spout2 in OBS). This plugin prevents the HUD from being visible and provides performance improvements.

2. Be able to choose a background in addition to the transparent one (it will be added in 1.3).

3. Being able to add custom keyboard shortcuts to layers: we use layers to add objects to the character or to change facial expressions. Being able to have custom keyboard shortcuts allows us to automate these tasks with the help of external programs like StreamerBot.

4. Shortcuts should work outside of the app, even if it is minimized (it seems to be a Godot problem).

4a. Support for StreamerBot, ensuring that this application can change the shortcuts for us when the program is in the background, can work as a solution to point 4.

5. When the application is minimized the image freezes, that should not happen.

6. Being able to drag the model, it is good to be able to zoom, but there are cases where you need to drag the model.

7. Possibility to change the program's frame rate, activate Vsync, Vsync (half the refresh rate) or be able to limit it to 30 or 60. The PotatoPCs will be very grateful.

I will continue updating the list. Keep trying, you've created a good program. Good job!

- Shortcuts should work outside of the app, even if it is minimized

This is literally the primary reason Im unable to use this when playing games. I use the "costume" slots for expressions

I think that then custom keyboard shortcuts are needed, because I often spend 1, 2, 3, etc. in games.

we really need the ability not only to zoom in on the sprite as a whole, but also to move it if it is large.


-spout support in godot is possible but it requires using an entirely different, specialized version of godot, which I don't care enough about to implement

-im gonna add this in 1.3 but you can also do this by adding a big solid color png in the background of your model

-im really tired of saying this but shortcuts outside on the application DO NOT WORK IN GODOT.

-you can choose the framerate in the settings.pngtp file. This will be changeable in application in 1.3

-i fail the see the use case for streamer bot

also to that other guy you can ctrl + mouse wheel to zoom in the entire model as a whole

hello, my words are not related to scaling the model, but so that it can be moved all at once lower or higher, or so that when you hover the cursor over the area, the model approaches not centered, but from the cursor point.