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you set a costume layer to mouse 1

the stream deck plugin was used as a method around real hotkeys while i was still figuring out how to implement them for real. you really just shouldn’t use it and use the hotkeys like normal. 


there isnt, but im not sure what you’re talking about, the interface size has always been the same size. their just rendered at base resolution so theyll look smaller if your usin a higher resolution monitor

lol, i dont plan on adding that to the main branch but you are welcome to mess with the source code how ever you like and redistribute it

and no theres no discord server. ive debated making one but to be honest the anime vtuber crowd are not the type of people id like to hang out with

the stream deck integration was only added as a way around background hotkeys before they were officially added. Now that there are real hotkeys just use those, they are much easier to set up.

the clipping is dependent on the godot node structure, it has to reset the layer or it will break

its in da settings

click the white cog thing in the bottom right

the user:// folder is required, press escape to open it.

Just added in 1.4.5, scroll to the bottom of the sprite edit menu on the left and you can add a hotkey toggle exclusive to that sprite

ye, u can link stuff from the menu on the right... if your solution works tho, by all means use it lol

sometimes certain image shapes will break how the software determines the images "hitbox". You might just have to rely on using the side menu instead

nuh uh

go to the settings and change it to something thats not left click

har har har

u set mouse 1 to change costume layer

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go to the settings and remove the mouse click for the costume hotkey.

the user folder is required and not a bug. you can open it in the file explorer by pressing ESC while in the program. 

the other issues though im not sure what you mean, if u could send a video of them that would be cool

holding o moves the origin, just use wasd to move the sprite

send video and/or pictures please

sounds like somebody still managed to set their costume hotkeys to mouse 1 even after my changes

NO !!!!!!!!!!!!

you cant, but you can move the model pieces to wherever

so this is actually texture dependent (it depends on your image). I'm not exactly sure why this is, but it works on some images and then not on others. my green thing avatar ive shown in some of the promo videos looks like ASS when u  turn the filtering on, but others not so much. i think it might have something to do with how godot imports images

there will never be a mobile version

no, but you can change the hotkey to whatever you need, to a key you're less likely to accidentally press.

its because you set one of the costume hotkeys to mouse 1. thats why it keeps saying its changing the costume in the corner

you’ll need to be more specific, or record a video

(1 edit)

you have the max fps set to 1 dawg

ive seen visual bugs like that before tho and its something on godot's end, not mine.

idk then i cant help you without more information

just check

did you happen to set one of the hotkeys to mouse 1

oh my

the text won't appear when you're not focused in on the window

you may have to delete your settings file (settings.pngtp) before it'll work, you can use ESC is the program to see it. DELETE IT WHILE THE PROGRAM IS CLOSED. if esc doesnt work for whatever reason the file is located at:

 "C://Users/{your username}/AppData/Roaming/Godot/app_userdata/PNGTuberPlus/settings.pngtp"