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Demo for our game?

A topic by Reverse Studios created Oct 27, 2018 Views: 237 Replies: 3
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I am thinking about making a platformer game with RPG Maker MV with my friend Trevor. (there is a plugin for everything nowadays) But since the time limit for the game is one hour, can we make a demo version for the judges, followed up by the full version? Thanks!

- Brent

PS: Can the full version be paid if so?

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I think a demo version -- or rather, a vertical slice, is what's more appropriate for this jam. 

Also, the full version, if you win, has an exclusivity publishing contract with Degica, so it can be paid if they're publishing, lol

(which is a sweet deal imo, perhaps even moreso than the cash prize)

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- Brent

@JosephSeraph has it right. If a game wins, we have first rights to publish the full commercial version. All entries are 100% allowed to make commercial versions of their projects later though, but not until after the winners are announced.