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Issue and suggestion

A topic by Amaroth7 created Oct 25, 2018 Views: 495 Replies: 5
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Hi, first of all, let me say, that this is one of the most wonderful tools I found online for D&D game preparation. I use maps exported from your tool as baseline which I edit in Photoshop - I use couple of layer effects and it just looks pretty much like a hand-painted map. However, there are 2 issues I have with this process:

1. Currently, your tool's export to PNG seems to be a little bit flawed, there are couple of triangles with gradient in them. Notice those triangles in buildings northwest of plaza: 

2. This is more of a suggestion than an issue I have... Could we be able to customize colors which are being used? For example, setting up buildings as bright red, instead of this gray. Problem I have is when opening map in Photoshop and trying to select different colors with magical wand, I often end up with selecting borders of other elements. Lets say I want to select water with magical wand. Well, I also get many pixels in borders of black walls selected, because those are also dark gray. Having water blue, walls black and buildings red or something like that would be perfect, magical wand-friendly solution. So... can we get at least some base customization settings for exports? Pretty please :)?

Keep doing awesome job!



  1. That's weird, I've never seen such glitch before. Is it visible in the generator itself, not on the exported PNG? Could you send me an SVG file next time when you encounter it again?
  2. In the future desktop version of the generator it will be possible to customize how every element of map is drawn, but for the web version I'm going to keep using 4-colour palette. It's not hard to implement a way of specifying what are those 4 colours, but it won't help with your issue. You may want to try exporting maps to SVG though. I know that working with vector graphics may seem cumbersome, but there you can select objects/groups of objects precisely without worrying about antialiasing and similar things.
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The very first attempt to get this result again, from different PC...:

I'll try SVG method, wasn't aware of fact PS can open SVGs.


Thank you! I'll check it. Meanwhile the SVG looks fine for me. Btw, what browser are you using?

Google Chrome v 70.0.3538.77


It will be fixed in the next update 👍