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That was some cool beans! (but glitch)

A topic by shane yach created Oct 25, 2018 Views: 118 Replies: 3
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That was sick. Loved the world and aesthetics. Very lively. Loved the part with the dripping water and its secret. Had a glitch, though, where I was in the main hub but it was blue. I walked through the nearest portal and got teleported, but then only saw a white screen that didn't go away. I couldn't hear any footsteps, but I could hear music and cats. I paused and selected Wake and got teleported again to another white screen, but this time I didn't hear any cats and I couldn't pause again. Loved the game, though ;)


Hmmm that's interesting, I never ran into that glitch. I'm going to have to try and replicate it. Thanks for the heads up!


Ok, I think I found and fixed the issue. There is a new version available to download now!

Thanks for the support. I'll play it again.