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Double Dragon II

A topic by JJXB created Jul 16, 2016 Views: 1,529 Replies: 5
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So, in my frustration at river city ransom and bugs bunny's crazy castle having major issues with the sprites i decided to go back to try DDII again. first 3 stages are mostly done (with weird oddities that keep popping up, like the garbage at the bottom of the screen buffer)



double dragon 2 is my fave DD game. Awesome graphics and music.

Both links lead to the Youtube video. Where is the 3dn?

yea, no 3dn

sorry, amended

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Double Dragon II (8/15/2016)

Hey JJXB. Great file you made there. I built upon it for the file I'm posting here. I don't remember what level the Jungle Level is, but it's level 5 or 6. I got most of the way through that one before dying. I cleaned up some of the glitchiness in the first 3 levels, and I tweaked the title screen and the cutscenes so they look good too.

I won't be working on this one anymore until we get savestates. I just died on the 4th level trying to get back there again. Don't have the patience to keep playing it over and over just to work on it.