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How to delete path points or an attractor point on a macbook?

A topic by antonvdk created Oct 22, 2018 Views: 298 Replies: 7
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Hello, I don't have a delete button on my macbook pro, usually  the backspace works if I have to delete something in other programs, but does not seem to work in pixel fx. How to delete these points?

have you tried the  fn+backsp ?

Tried it, does not work either.

I see, and no other trick to simulate delete button on mac works? Searched on google? I mean, looks weird that on macs you can't delete something due that key, have to be some workaround. We will investigate but i not have a mac to test it now.

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Another way some follower posted:

"left pointing arrow key?

That's the delete key, IIRC, fn + that key works as supr."


"map caps lock into a right arrow key + backspace macro."

tried it does not work, I googled the options you mentioned before. On a mac the backspace functions as the delete key.

Then we will have to fix that for the next update.

sounds good!