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Reclaiming "social games"

games about the humans who play them · By droqen


A topic by Earendil created Oct 17, 2018 Views: 163 Replies: 1
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1st Dragon reminded me a bit of this blog post I read a while ago, and I looked up some more information about it and found the Micras wiki. I'm not sure Micras is really a 'game', but it seems Micras and 1st Dragon have similar elements such as being about creativity and having success being based on support from other players. It sounds like Micras is much more competitive than 1st Dragon, and I wonder how much of this difference is due to mechanical differences and how how much is due to the "setting" being different (exploring an area vs. roleplaying nation states).

While the blog post isn't specifically about game design, I think there are some interesting thoughts in it about how creative and social dynamics interact in a setting like this. I like how he describes the game as being about "manipulating consensus reality," and I think that term could also probably be used to describe something like 1st Dragon.

Oh yes!! This is super cool, I remember reading about this a very long time ago.

I wonder if it's still something they're doing? Actively?