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My soccer game not listed for "soccer" keyword.

A topic by beppigames created Oct 14, 2018 Views: 104 Replies: 4
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My game Hyperactive Soccer is not found in a search for "soccer".
My chosen keywords for the game are (its retro soccer which is related to two C64 and VCS2600 soccer games):


Why is this ?

I don't know why your game doesn't show in a search for "soccer", but some of your tags are very specific. I doubt anyone's going to search for "5-a-side", or "international soccer". And for what it's worth, Hyperactive Soccer is listed under "football", but all the way on page 4. There seems to be a lot of competition!

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I am just using the normal search from Chrome or Firefox desktop browser on Linux. For me my game is neither in list for "football" nor "soccer". How do I even get to your page 4 ? There is no further scrolling in my search results.

Only when I search using it appears after some time of scrolling. So it seems still in your "system". But I know my game appeared in normal searches for "soccer" in the past. Something did change.

My game is a complete web based 5-aside-soccer game. Real soccer game, no penalty shootout. There is not that much competition and, again, it did appear in searches for "soccer" in the past. And I did not change the tags.

Update: Same problem for my most recent game, Curse Of Zipfelmuetz tags, e.g. try "witchcraft". Are you pulling games out of searches under certain conditions (other than when the user specifies it in the Edit Game settings) ? Is this stated anywhere in your rules ?


Games are sometimes unlisted from searches. But your game is listed. It just appears very far down in results. And I see results paginated because I checked the "Disable auto-loading next page when browsing" in my account settings. You probably just have to keep scrolling.

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Thanks for trying to figure this out. Checked that box and I do not see my game on the result pages. Maybe its kind of "admin sees", "users cannot see" or "this particular user (me) cannot see" problem. Maybe when another user reports a similiar issue it could be fixed.

My summary: This is either a bug on your or my side or my games are somehow not eligible to be found by a search of their keywords.

Final update: I can no longer find beppigames (myself) in searches for creators. I am sure I could before. So maybe if a creator is "outlisted", his games are still there but no longer listed in search results for their keywords. I now put my games up on my own homepage but I left Hyperactive Soccer here.