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V25 Breaks Some Apps on Mac

A topic by SmiVan created Oct 12, 2018 Views: 85 Replies: 2
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Upon updating to V25, I redownloaded my games to find that some of them are completely broken!

This has occurred with lsddev's and

They instantly crashed upon launch and upon investigation I found that the executable binaries in the .app packages are completely null (as in files are of the same size, but filled with nulls instead of actual data).

Note that this is not a problem caused by the developer of the apps, as when the apps are downloaded through the website and installed manually they work.

Therefore I believe that some part of the delivery/installation routine in the desktop app is failing to write data in some way.

My OS is macOS 10.13.2 (64-bit).

Installed component versions are itch@25.3.0, butler@14.13.0 and itch-setup@1.12.0.

I will provide additional information if required.


Hi there, sorry for the late response.

I've investigated and it looks like lsddev's games are using rar v5, which we don't support at the moment. I've left a note to the developer here:

Thank you.