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Northbury Grove

Welcome to Northbury Grove...we hope you survive your stay! · By Scythe Dev Team

Awesome horror game. Game review and playthrough.

A topic by Intex Gaming created Oct 10, 2018 Views: 77 Replies: 1
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So I played this game not too long ago and I have to say, I loved it. The game is awesome and I cannot wait to see what other games the devs release as part of the universe. Love connected universes. I have got to say though that the butcher is like usain bolt. There is little to no escaping the butcher if he finds you. All you can do is try to run but other than that, this game is fantastic.


Thanks for the input, Intex! 

The slasher was definitely in a rare mood, moving really quick. There's actually an explanation to this behavior as well, his speed and his rage. (We're peeling back those story elements in future games, though.) We were more focused on doing a quick, really intense scenario, so we chose him in...this state...for the bulk of his appearance. We look forward to releasing games with a bit less immediate intensity, the atmosphere is definitely some of my personal favorite moments in horror games!

The killer has various names, by the way. His original title was "The Specter City Slasher," which is the title of a concept album released in 2015. Northbury Grove is a prequel to that album, timeline wise.