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A browser roguelike with over 60 classes and endless adventure · By BrianIsCreative

Bugs Minor Spoilers

A topic by Pyropingo66600 created 25 days ago Views: 97 Replies: 3
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I've ran into quite a few things I'm SURE are bugs, and quite a few i'm not sure, but I'm just going to compile them all here. Also no hate, this is one of my favorite games and the amount of content is wild for it being on 

1.) Sometimes I get long lines of landmarks diagonally, vertically, or horizontally, I've seen some go up to 7 in length 

2.) Landmarks seem to be buggy in general, when doing a quest, I had to slay a champion, but the Colosseum had 2 champions, it seemed like the Colosseum was loaded twice, 2 braziers stacked in all brazier squares, 2 champions, 2 hidden entrances once I killed them both, and a lot more dead people who previously fought them. 

3.) I have only had this happen when landmarks are combined with quests, but I can't confirm that it doesn't happen otherwise. When getting a quest such as: slay den creature, take down ringleader, and slay champion of so-and-so, sometimes the landmarks are completely different from what they should be. I have had the quests guide me to encampments, despite being a Colosseum quest, and it just has an encampment with the champion located inside it. I also had a Ringleader located in a den, and a monster located in an encampment. 

4.) Fur sections aren't craft-able. Yeah, that's it, no option to craft fur sections despite there being fur section armor 

5.) Early on you get the "Slay strong _____" quests, where you have to check the adjacent area for tracks, but sometimes after completing a different quest and going back to attempt this one, it doesn't tell you where there tracks are in any of the adjacent areas, I have checked up to a 7 x 7 area around Relica, but it doesn't seem to appear. 

6.) The noble quest "Free ____ from prison" sometimes give you targets in prison for their own faction, say I am a knight of the jade circle, and I take a quest from a jade circle noble, sometimes his quest will be to free a prisoner from another jade circle castle, meaning that If I want to complete the mission, I have to lose reputation with the jade circle. It's not like I can just take and abandon the quests (like you can for elders) because I will lose reputation from that. 

7.) If you take a quest from a noble and then kill it, you can still talk to him to see the state of the quests, doesn't make very much sense IMHO 

8.) Sometimes when dying, you re-spawn with all of your items but many of them don't do anything, such as the armor which you can't put on, destroy, or drop, but you can salvage it.

9.) I honestly didn't want to report this one because it is super useful, but you can bypass the warehouse's arcane chest limit by using deposit inventory instead of depositing manually....

Also, just a question, is the game lore ever able to be truly solved? I have gotten a bunch of key fragments, and gotten stalked by a shrouded figure, but never much more than that. I really don't know much still, and I was wondering if it is ever revealed if you get far enough?

Wait can you kill the shrouded figure? I have never gotten more than 4 key fragments (then stopped playing), and I was always curious about the shrouded figures, and how they fit into the bits of story

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But um, I've played for a very long time, and never been able to really kill the shrouded figure, but I might know a little bit of lore, im just gonna say anything weird as part of the lore

1.) if you go into creative mode(/-cm), you gain access to the /kill command, using it on the shrouded figure in the beginning of the game will result in him killing you and saying something like "The gates of Terra remain closed). My guess is that this is already programmed in for survival parts of the game, which means you can attempt to kill him in survival later on, or its just a little Easter egg to show how powerful it, or they are

2.) it seems that as you get more key fragments, the shrouded figure stalks you from a distance more and more.

3.) This is the weirdest one, and I can't really make sense of it, but if you identify the outlaw that the shrouded figure kills at the start of the game, it will ALWAYS be your chosen character, just with a random faction

There are some other things I know but you havent gotten all 10 key fragments yet, so I don't want to spoil