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interesting, guess thats an out of bounds that doesn't reload you

Still the inventory bug occurs, how do i reach beta andromeda in the training gym?

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Must have been insane to do noel only for all of the boss rush

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Noooooo, I got through every boss except for reaper and knight, and got the knight to 1 carrot missile from death, and then died because I couldn't land the final blow (darn shield)

I got another one where I had every boss done, but then on the last one they rewinded the battle back to the start when they and me were both 1 hit from death, dooming me

I like the boss rush at the 6th level, have yet to beat it but it is a fun trial, the one with the sword and shield is really difficult.

I have realized how the tetris bit rewards you when you get a row complete, imma do some higher difficulty runs now

actually game won't reload after pruning a branch period

also how do i get to the training gym in this new version

also lady of the lake is a nice step up in difficulty from the og, no longer easy to beat

game crashing, or just taking forever to load, when dying to lady of the lake

U forgot to remove the secret card from my hand after using it, other than that this is a beautiful game

So, long story short, dashes make you move and instant burst of speed that can carry you through spikes if there is no wall blocking you at the end of the dash, similar to at the top of the match and the  floating spikes

We gonna get a higher difficulty for this one in the future, similar to TRYH4RD?

Yaaaaaaaaaay, it works

"An error occurred before the game window could be initialised. Please check the console!", looks like sadly this game might not be one I will get to play

When the boss has a 21 of spades, but the 4 mana 7/7 and draw 2 cards save your a** and let you beat the demo

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I died (laughing, not in the game) when I saw the 4 mana 7/7, also it is hysterical to use it to send the opponent over 21 using it, sabotage is funny

Sadly I'm on a school computer so I cannot use steam, but I'm glad that a full version will be coming out

As I was playing this I realized that there were few fights that captured this essence, the one hit and you're dead aspect of pure pain, This game is going up there with Sans, Malenia, and the other greats, I deeply hope this game gets a full version

how did you get past the thing at the middle of phase 3?

"Not while I'm still breathing", one of the best phase transition lines. great game

So I accidentally acrued like 7 turns with racoon and just side stabbed the boss a billion times once the spawn rates calmed down, I also like the defense boosts at each threshold (and maybe attack boosts, idk i just wiped it in a turn in one last stand)

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beautiful game, probably could have beat campaign 1 first try if I didn't immediately accidentally sack my caster to the final boss (underestimated his movement speed, to anyone else reading this, DONT)

Molten Reaper

One max ammo, absurd damage, not the best build but the funniest

I love builds with the mag throw, with the bandana and maybe the bomb blast on last shot, just makes an automatic shotgun

Hopworld community · Created a new topic Beautiful ending

I loved the ending, didn't like the item stacking bug sometimes stopping me from getting to it, taking me many more attempts than it should have, but I love the recontextualization of "Do not despair" at the end. W game

Looking forwards to remastered dragon robot guy and Lady of The Lake, both the OGs were really good fights that had a lot of further potential, I feel like Lady of the Lake needed a better ranged move, but was really good other than that.

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speaking of... where is lady of the lake, i did the lantern skip and the normal route and found nothing but walls. The lantern pogo was really fun though.

The "WIP" doodle for smoke beast killed me inside, he's also a fun display of how much SSBU has taught me about combos, dragdown tornado kick is cool

abdi and dianmai do not appear on my set of things for classes and prestiges

What is the next update going to be?

what prestige class is that with the orbs and vestiges

I have 10 mods on my rapid arrows. I stopped after 3 loops, I got homework and sleep and life to do, here's some screenshots

beat it twice in a row on gunslinger, current score 9K

I DID IT, I BEAT SKULL STORM (kaycee's mod reference) WITH THE SIMPLETON. the bosses swords are actually pretty easy to dodge, and once you get used to using the nascent star to gain energy, bosses are much more manageable. this is truly the culmination of all i have learned, also i had stars on hit, stars per energy, and pulse on hit as the mods on my fireworks spam attack, it created the coolest blitz ever

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YOU GAVE MORE AGRESSIVE BOSSES SWORD BOSS SHRAYAS SPECTRAL SWORDS. epic but so annoying, truly a final boss for 5 skulls mode

beat the first boss using a certain rapid shot strategy mentioned below, score around 2000, tomorrow will make it to second boss

the bosses on max challenge settings (took me like 3 hours of runs to get to even the first one) are actual bosses, also why is the second boss the first one on max challenges, is there a third one just for this challenge (I died to dashing a few frames too early and my I-frames running out right as I dashed into a bolt strike I thought I was dodging)

Gaining energy with star is a little annoying tho, I also like how its a reference to the wretch starting classes in the souls games. PS is conqueror shraya from spectral slash a reference to Pontiff Sulyvahn's phase 2 from DS3?