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But um, I've played for a very long time, and never been able to really kill the shrouded figure, but I might know a little bit of lore, im just gonna say anything weird as part of the lore

1.) if you go into creative mode(/-cm), you gain access to the /kill command, using it on the shrouded figure in the beginning of the game will result in him killing you and saying something like "The gates of Terra remain closed). My guess is that this is already programmed in for survival parts of the game, which means you can attempt to kill him in survival later on, or its just a little Easter egg to show how powerful it, or they are

2.) it seems that as you get more key fragments, the shrouded figure stalks you from a distance more and more.

3.) This is the weirdest one, and I can't really make sense of it, but if you identify the outlaw that the shrouded figure kills at the start of the game, it will ALWAYS be your chosen character, just with a random faction

There are some other things I know but you havent gotten all 10 key fragments yet, so I don't want to spoil

Good game, but I feel like the change of getting a weapon should be higher because you can get to the boss with 0 damage, and no weapon, and not even hit it a majority of the time. I also think that all bosses should be stagger-able, Bigfoot is extremely hard on a non-tanky build, and lastly I've played like 10 games where lines are completely impossible, such as a 2 only having one place to go and counting it wrong when I put it there.

FARA community · Created a new topic Bugs Minor Spoilers
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I've ran into quite a few things I'm SURE are bugs, and quite a few i'm not sure, but I'm just going to compile them all here. Also no hate, this is one of my favorite games and the amount of content is wild for it being on 

1.) Sometimes I get long lines of landmarks diagonally, vertically, or horizontally, I've seen some go up to 7 in length 

2.) Landmarks seem to be buggy in general, when doing a quest, I had to slay a champion, but the Colosseum had 2 champions, it seemed like the Colosseum was loaded twice, 2 braziers stacked in all brazier squares, 2 champions, 2 hidden entrances once I killed them both, and a lot more dead people who previously fought them. 

3.) I have only had this happen when landmarks are combined with quests, but I can't confirm that it doesn't happen otherwise. When getting a quest such as: slay den creature, take down ringleader, and slay champion of so-and-so, sometimes the landmarks are completely different from what they should be. I have had the quests guide me to encampments, despite being a Colosseum quest, and it just has an encampment with the champion located inside it. I also had a Ringleader located in a den, and a monster located in an encampment. 

4.) Fur sections aren't craft-able. Yeah, that's it, no option to craft fur sections despite there being fur section armor 

5.) Early on you get the "Slay strong _____" quests, where you have to check the adjacent area for tracks, but sometimes after completing a different quest and going back to attempt this one, it doesn't tell you where there tracks are in any of the adjacent areas, I have checked up to a 7 x 7 area around Relica, but it doesn't seem to appear. 

6.) The noble quest "Free ____ from prison" sometimes give you targets in prison for their own faction, say I am a knight of the jade circle, and I take a quest from a jade circle noble, sometimes his quest will be to free a prisoner from another jade circle castle, meaning that If I want to complete the mission, I have to lose reputation with the jade circle. It's not like I can just take and abandon the quests (like you can for elders) because I will lose reputation from that. 

7.) If you take a quest from a noble and then kill it, you can still talk to him to see the state of the quests, doesn't make very much sense IMHO 

8.) Sometimes when dying, you re-spawn with all of your items but many of them don't do anything, such as the armor which you can't put on, destroy, or drop, but you can salvage it.

9.) I honestly didn't want to report this one because it is super useful, but you can bypass the warehouse's arcane chest limit by using deposit inventory instead of depositing manually....

Also, just a question, is the game lore ever able to be truly solved? I have gotten a bunch of key fragments, and gotten stalked by a shrouded figure, but never much more than that. I really don't know much still, and I was wondering if it is ever revealed if you get far enough?

For missing child quests, just type /say follow me! and they will join you, after which you can lead them back. I generally go to all 4 corners of the tile to do it as that always gets it. For outlaw quests, sometimes they don't appear to be there, because they are in stealth. for this you can just use the /search command or s. Although I can't prove it, i'm pretty sure research quests never have hiding monsters, and you just have to be more thorough, as you have to be pretty close to see them.

FARA community · Created a new topic Fur sections
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Im using a t5 fur workbench, but there doesn't seem to be an option to make Fur sections, even though I have acquired fur armor from certain quests, Am I missing something? or is fur armor only obtainable through quests

FARA community · Created a new topic Dying in ocean
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So for the first time I beat the game (In about 4 hours) after getting the astral key, and decided to adventure outwards. I found a shrine, which is new to me, and it seemed like I was supposed to get another fragment to open it, so I did quests researching monsters and got it, but when fast traveling backing (in stealth) I drowned. I've lost so many runs due to fast traveling over a body of water in stealth, and I was wondering if a change could be made to stop you before a body of water if you're exhausted?

Edit: Forgot to mention, but when I re-spawned I still had all my items, but couldn't equip anything, I could salvage, but not drop. I had too many non-salvageable items and got soft-locked in the village because I had encumbered.

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yeah device is pretty locked down, can't access C: Drive, just playing in browser version

Besides that though the skins i've seen are pretty sick

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I haven't been playing much because a lot of the new content isn't immediate, (Ex: tama, nessa, mamu, whole village, and new skins, and also compendium)  which isn't an issue normaly, but I'm on a school device which resets my cookies everytime I log out, restart, or turn off my device. Would be cool to have save-codes, but obviously most people don't have my issue

he said it was bird related so I'm allready like 90% confident that it is parra egg

I don;t think mudgill is C tbh, and tizik is S imo

Kinda lost my sanity searching for nessa, for a while I was thinking it was a practical joke so the dev could see how many bugs people find

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Wasn't able to play yesterday bc of a power outage, was hoping to be the first to find nessa but it's whatever, I do wonder if any of my theories where correct though. At least I was one of, if not the first to find mamu, kinda hoping my egg in front of fire boss prediction was correct, because I came up with the theory, I just tried like 9 times and never got the correct boss

I'm aware, just putting it out there if the dev wants to know

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new enemy on the last page of the compendium seems to be flame themed, not sure if it is a boss though, and if it is, there is still I chance I don't get it

Dev said bird was on the right track, and it was heat related, so I am trying to just hatch parra in the presence of flame

I think I may know how to get nessa, just not sure how to get there

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team layout after battle, front mamu got a crap ton of shields

Found a bug: didn't get a picture but I was in a battle with 2 taurus's and a spinecaller, and I got a wierd shield icon on the side, after which I got upwards of 16k shields, I am only on loop 1, I think maybe the taurus removing shields was actually adding it?

Mamu was easy, I got him in like 20 minutes, nessa is hard, I have tried for at least 4 hours but I may know some more things to do

pretty hard to get though, maybe if the event was on the second zone it would make it easier? or you could just make it hard to get

I'm just playing in the web version

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I can't tell if that tip helped or made it worse, I allready knew it looks like a bird, but I really don't feel any closer than I was, but I am assuming that all there is to it is opening a specific egg in a specific event, the trouble is which egg and which event, I guess a heat related event? The egg I am mostly clueless, but parra is allready a bird, tama egg would just make sense, and pyris is literraly flaming, I just feel like I have allready tried most possibilities, 

I guess I just order eggs from least to most likely and work my way down the list, using that specific egg in every event, but that seems like a time waster, until this bug gets fixed where I can't use eggs after save quitting

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I feel so smart rn, and sniperarchery also figured it out without me saying much except for greek lore, but it is pretty difficult to get an egg and an event in loop 1, especially if it is the tama egg, and heres the thing, the dev said that it was hard to find out and easy to get, and this isnt easy to get, so probably a lucky consequence, also Mamu was super easy for me to find, and this just seems so complicated

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Not sure where the dev comes up with monster names, but if the name has anything to do with how to get it, I might have an idea

EDIT: but the current web version bug that breaks eggs on save reload would screw it up, it allready requires some ammount of luck and getting the correct event would make it even worse

Also I don't think the dev would expect anyone to figure this out, but I have an idea, I'm legit investigating greek lore rn, nessa is a Pierides, who got turned into a bird after losing a singing contest

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k so far I have tried the following to get nessa, I have used tama and pyris egg over a campfire, I have tried to sell and upgrade tama and pyris egg, as well as parra egg (because it's a bird) I have tried all of the following while in the volcano zone, I have gotten rid of eggs at the last boss fight in infinite mode, and now I am completely out of ideas, I have even looked into greek mythology, because nessa was someone who lost a song contest and got turned into a bird, are there any song events?

I have a theory

Is nessa difficult to figure out? or am I just overcomplicating it

yeah I had that issue too, but I figured most people would max tama so it wouldn't matter, pretty easy fix to just add dark outlines for tamas missing evo tho

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K so far the tips ive seen are the following: nessa is warmth related, it is acquired by doing something similar to the inverse of tama, it is not normally something you'd do it a run, and it doesn't require items, (Not sure if this includes cheese for tama egg), I am taking some guesses, but maybe an egg needs to be hatched in the volcano area, or the egg has to be a pyris egg (for heat), but these both seem like things you would normally do in a run 

The Mamu seemed pretty easy to get, I just really over complicated it, so I'm probably going to figure out that I'm also over complicating nessa a bunch

to unclear tbh, it may take a while to get it, the current factors are what egg it is and how to hatch it, I'm assuming that its in a fire related event that you have to hatch it, or maybe you have to do it in the volcano area? heat related could also mean that egg used to get it is pyris? Just throwing some of my ideas out there

web version

I know which one the cold one is, but I don't see how it helps get the monster

can't even sell the tama egg, it just makes you use it, at least at the forge

My guesses for getting Nessa so far are that after getting a specific egg, you either beat the final boss and get rid of it, sell it, or use it during a specific event, which really doesent narrow it down, but I am going to try some of these things with the tama egg

if you use an egg, and then save quit, it will reset and the egg won't we usable

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I guess il try the tama egg in different events, and you said it was something you wouldnt normaly do in a run

EDIT: actually that would require cheese, which is an item

ah, I have been spelling it wrong tbh there is no messa, I was mixing up mamu and nessa

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I'm tellin you, I've tried so many things and still cant figure out what to do, I have sold eggs, merged them, used them in specific events. named pets crazy things, I legitamately don't know what to do anymore.

For the egg, I think I broke a bit from trying things before it so that might be why, but the new ghost smith event can effect eggs and make them mergable and upgradable, can't use it on the ground anymore though

EDIT: you said that getting the new thing didn't require any items, does that include food and such? or just equippable