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BUG:? Sprite render does not render the ref image when render is ticked

A topic by Berty created Oct 07, 2018 Views: 172 Replies: 13
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Hello, just bought the soft from steam last week, I did a lot of test. And I am fond of it...

Howerever i would like to report a maybe bug?: Sprite render does not render the reference image when render is ticked on custom menu.

If it is not a bug that is for me (and maybe many others) a potential improvement because,  in some cases I will have to do this operation manually, one by one image.

If it is a bug, then i am sure you are gone solve it and then I have a complementary idea that you could develop or not: "reference image" could be a "ref animation"?

have a good day.


an image for a better understanding...

it is really a bug as it is only when it is front...

Oh i see, thaks for the report, we will fix in next update! thanks!

Thanks, then I will wait for it instead of touching up. Have a good day

Hello, just one complementary question, could you please tell me when will be the next update?

have a good day.

If all works well this week :P

perfect, thank you...good day


Well, seems needs more work, we are trying to catch last bugs and fixing the Undo feature that is almost done before release.

It is an overload of work i suppose?

Have a good evening

Also chrismas is there. Btw we have been focusing on the mac bugs but  we not found the solution and tried to look another way that also not worked so now we are focusing in a hotfix version with all this minor bugs instead. No aprox date sorry, but will be released as soon as possible.

OK, merry chrismas then. see you next year.

Well, all depends of the coder, maybe all is fixed before chrismas, just actually i can tell any aprox date due the last stuff, yesterday got a message saying he started to organize all the bugs to start the fix, maybe to release before the winter sales, will see.

If all goes well, the next update will be released tonight, with lots of bugs fixes and some features like export single frames instead of spriteshet,etc... already is done just tesing , if ok tonight will be available to download ;)