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OK, merry chrismas then. see you next year.

It is an overload of work i suppose?

Have a good evening

perfect, thank you...good day

Hello, just one complementary question, could you please tell me when will be the next update?

have a good day.

Thanks, then I will wait for it instead of touching up. Have a good day

it is really a bug as it is only when it is front...

an image for a better understanding...

Hello, just bought the soft from steam last week, I did a lot of test. And I am fond of it...

Howerever i would like to report a maybe bug?: Sprite render does not render the reference image when render is ticked on custom menu.

If it is not a bug that is for me (and maybe many others) a potential improvement because,  in some cases I will have to do this operation manually, one by one image.

If it is a bug, then i am sure you are gone solve it and then I have a complementary idea that you could develop or not: "reference image" could be a "ref animation"?

have a good day.


Thanks, it is donne and it is working. Waiting for next week now.  Have à good day.

I would like to buy it on steam next week but i would have like to download demo to check if it is gone work

 shall i do it.

have a good day