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AppGameKit for Python

Create games using AppGameKit and Python! · By Fascimania

Windows Only?

A topic by ILMostro created Oct 06, 2018 Views: 484 Replies: 6
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It seems that the "appgamekit.pyd" file is intended to be used only on Windows.

appgamekit.pyd: PE32 executable (DLL) (GUI) Intel 80386, for MS Windows

Is there a plan to make this work on other platforms, such as Linux?


Yes, currently the pyd is only for Windows.  This project is a trial run to see what the response to it is.  If The Game Creators, the makers of AppGameKit (I am not affiliated with them), decide to continue the project beyond its initial 12-month trial, it will be up to them to decide what they want to support.

In my own opinion, Linux and Mac OS support should be doable.  Their library supports both of those OS already plus Android.  I don't think Android would be as easy to do as the others, but I haven't looked into it much and don't know for certain.  The main reason for the current limitation is that Windows support is the easiest for me to do personally.

I love this project!

No Python support is a deal breaker for me for game dev tool, as I promote Python in my coding for kids community, Whizkids.

I just hope that the project continue, and I will try promote this to my community.

Anyway, reading your answer here, it seems like Broadcasting the app to Android is not yet supported by this project, right?

Also, for Windows, is this project already able to produce .exe to be distributed?



Hi pythonthusiast, I'm glad you like the project and find it useful!   I appreciate you helping promote it in your coding for kids community.  I hope they enjoy using it.

You are correct that there is currently no way of broadcasting the app to Android.  Once the agreement was made with The Game Creators, the makers of AppGameKit, to limit this release to Windows 32-bit, I did not look any further into what it would take to jump onto using this project with other OS, like Android.

I have successfully used PyInstaller to create a distributable EXE.  Some tips on doing so can be found starting at this forum post.  If building on Windows 10, PyInstaller might not find the DLLs needed to run on earlier Windows OS, such as Windows 7.  (Additional information.)  I had intended to create a tutorial for using PyInstaller but never did.  I'll have to raise that a little higher on my "TO DO" list.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Hi pythonthusiast,

I just got a newsletter that mentions that AppGameKit is free for educational establishments.

More information.

That's for the original AppGameKit from which this project derives.  I know you only utilize Python, so you might not be interested in that, but maybe you could drop The Game Creators a line and mention that you've found this Python project useful for Whizkids.  Thanks.

(It looks like their education package includes some DLC of assets and plugins that you could use with this as well.)

Sorry for terribly late reply: yes, will dot.




Linux and Windows 64-bit Python are now supported.