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Hi, AppGameKit is a game development engine made by TheGameCreators.  They granted me permission to make their library available for use in Python.

There are some examples on using this library in the downloads section.  You can deploy an app you develop much like any other Python apps.  There's also a pyinstaller spec example in the downloads section that makes packaging the app up for Windows depoyment with PyInstaller easier.

The AppGameKit site has an community forum, though the examples you'll see there will be in AGK's own BASIC language or C++.  Using this Python library is similar, but I've opted to use Python's naming conventions instead.

I hope that helps!

Sorry, but there are no plans to build it on Mac at the moment because I do not own one.  I am not allowed to share the source code, only the binaries.

Thanks for the info.

Thanks!  These are great.

I only see "Tiles.aseprite" in that folder.

These look wonderful, like all of your work.  However, I don't own Aseprite and cannot open the tiles.

I'm just discovering all of this because I saw a spike of activity on Toxic Terror and wanted to see where it was coming from and I'm dumbfounded.  Please know that I had nothing to do with this.  I think your work is great and follow you here.  I look forward to supporting your work and using your assets in the future when I can return more focus to gamedev.

Hi, AppGameKit for Python version does not export to mobile or HTML5, currently only Windows and Linux.

Thanks for the feedback.  I wanted to make it similar to, but not exactly Doom.  :)

Thanks!  I appreciate the feedback.

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Thanks!  I appreciate the feedback.

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Thank you!  I appreciate your feedback.

Thanks for the comments.  I have a way to restart the game ready to post, but I thought that the change might go against the rules of the jam's voting period.  I'll tweak the difficulty curve once the jam finishes.  Demon spawning is currently randomized within a decreasing range, but that's obviously not the best way to go.

It is/was public.  Does it still 404 for you?

Thanks.  I've DM'd you.

Strange.  I've tried at least 5 times since I first tried.

I added my email about 12 hours ago and have not received a link to it yet.  I have checked the spam folder as well.

Thank you again.  Have a good 2022 as well!

Hi rcbasicfans,

Thanks for trying out the demo and for taking the time to leave some feedback.  The "demo" is more of an alpha version.  The full version would have quite a lot more, including music.  This alpha version was part of a contest and I ran out of time for it.

Pac-Man was an inspiration for the outside area.  I studied how the Pac-Man ghosts each had their own "personality" and tried to implement a similar idea with the wolves.

I will consider web versions for things in the future.

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I'm not sure whether TheGameCreators has any future plans for implementing Python beyond allowing this project to continue.  It would be nice if they did because their Basic language is limiting and I don't think they are going to expand its core language much more than it is.

Great!  Glad to hear this.  Thanks for bringing this problem to my attention so it could be fixed.

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Would you try this build for me?

  1. Open your appgamekit/_x64 folder
  2. Delete or rename it so it has a different extension.
  3. Download this file and place it in that folder: <link removed>

This works for me on Ubuntu 20.04 with Python 3.8.5 and Ubuntu 18.04 with Python 3.6.9.

I was able to duplicate and after many hours of digging through things, I think I've figured out how to make it work as expected with Python 3.4 and up on Linux.  The Windows module worked properly.  The Linux module wasn't compiled correctly.

Will be testing a bit more before posting.

Hi Bozzanator, I'll try setting up a Ubuntu 20.04 VM and see whether I can duplicate.  I have an idea about what the problem could be and it's not on your side of things.  This project shouldn't be restricted to 3.7.

Great.  Glad to hear.

I'm glad you like AGK for Python!

Print and PrintC have been merged into print_value.  To use "PrintC", set print_value's newline parameter to False.

Depending on what you want to print, this might be easier: print_value(f"Position: {x}, {y}")

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Hi, just found this and it looks great, but noticed a small bug.  When a gun selection window is open and the animated preview goes into the death animation, the animated body goes up to the middle of the preview and a head appears at the bottom.

Frefox 86.0, Windows 10

Glad we got this figured out.

Resolution: load_image (and almost all of the commands) must be used while an Application object has been created.

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Are either of those PNG files available online somewhere?  If not, would you mind emailing me one so that I can test with it?

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OK.  I fixed a couple of places where utf-8 strings weren't handled correctly.  I got different errors than you did, but hopefully this also fixes yours.

Would you download and try this file: (file removed) ?  It should go in the "appgamekit\_x64" folder.

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By the way, what are the actual dimensions of grass.png?

Thanks for the info.  That's probably the cause.  So I'll need to research how to get it to work with non-ASCII paths.

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Thanks for reporting this.  I'll look into it.

What OS?

That Doomloader is for Unity to load Doom, not for Doom itself.  Ask the Unity community for a Wolf3D loader (which would be an on-the-fly converter).

If they want to come up with an AI program to try to convert the groups of sprites to 3D models, they are welcome two, but both items are beyond the scope of this editor.

Hi, not really.  Exporting to UDMF would involve adding conversion code for every data type.  I can't think of anything that would convert to a 3D model since Wolf3D uses billboarding sprites and cubes for walls (except for the doors).

Thanks!  I'm glad that you found this project and hope you will enjoy using it!

Here are some answers for you:

1. The Application class wraps the create_window and destroy_window calls to make them a little easier to work with.  


with agk.Application():
    pass  # application code is here

is the same as:

    pass  # application code is here

2) Yes!

3) As far as I know, you can import any modules you like.  (If I understand your question.)

Linux and Windows 64-bit Python are now supported.

Another vote for this.

Great!  I'm glad you figured it out.  Let me know if you have any more questions or comments.