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Hi pythonthusiast, I'm glad you like the project and find it useful!   I appreciate you helping promote it in your coding for kids community.  I hope they enjoy using it.

You are correct that there is currently no way of broadcasting the app to Android.  Once the agreement was made with The Game Creators, the makers of AppGameKit, to limit this release to Windows 32-bit, I did not look any further into what it would take to jump onto using this project with other OS, like Android.

I have successfully used PyInstaller to create a distributable EXE.  Some tips on doing so can be found starting at this forum post.  If building on Windows 10, PyInstaller might not find the DLLs needed to run on earlier Windows OS, such as Windows 7.  (Additional information.)  I had intended to create a tutorial for using PyInstaller but never did.  I'll have to raise that a little higher on my "TO DO" list.