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HTML5 Games Not Updating On Site After Butler Push

A topic by Jana H-S created 40 days ago Views: 170 Replies: 1
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Hi, I'm trying to set up a workflow to quickly push updates to my HTML5 games using Butler and everything appears to be working (upload time on file updates, I get a notification that the "new build is live", etc.) but the actual version of the game that is played when I check the game page is doesn't change unless I manually delete the file on the Edit page and upload a fresh copy, defeating the purpose of using Butler in the first place.

Is there something I'm supposed to be doing to trigger the change to the new version, or is this just not a feature that is fully implemented in Butler at the moment?

edit: if it makes a difference, I am using Butler to push a zipped copy of the game folder

edit2: Ah, so if I push the original folder instead of the zip, it does update as expected. So that's my specific problem solved, but this appears to be an oversight in the update logic which I hope to see fixed at some point, so I'll leave this post up for posterity

That might be a dumb question, but you did check with a fresh browser?

Also, I am not familiar with butler, but I had the impression from glancing at it, that zipping is something butler is supposed to do and not the uploader. Might be different or optional with web games.