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Looking for developer in need of music

A topic by projectmycelium created Jul 12, 2016 Views: 326 Replies: 3
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As the title says we are looking for to be involved in any small game project that requires a score. Paid or unpaid jobs.

We mainly do experimental music for live film scores and have thought for a while that scoring for video games would really be something that would suit us.

Here's the Soundcloud link where we uploaded themes, sounds and sketches over the last couple of years.

For a sample of a more accomplished work that we thought a musical narrative (like a a soundtrack for a non-existent game)

here's a link to an Ep we released early this year on Linear Obsessional Records


If anybody wants to drop a line here's the email


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I need a musician. I'm making a charming relaxing yet somewhat adventurous game like Kirby with aesthetics like Shovel Knight. I get that that's really not your style of music, but if you're able to make 16 bit tracks that sound like a combination of the two it would be amazing. I won't be able to pay you, unfortunately, but you'll obviously be thanked in game.

Hi, thanks for replying to us. We thought we'd send you a few samples of what we can do, have a listen and if you like it then talk further about your game. how does that sound?

Your music is amazing, but it's a bit too eerie for my game... Would you be able to make a more upbeat song? I'd love to work with you since you're incredibly talented.