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Startup Panic, a startup simulation game by real startup team (a demo version)

A topic by algorocks created Sep 30, 2018 Views: 635 Replies: 1
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Startup Panic is a simulation game about creating a startup. We choose to create startup panic for two reasons: The first reason is that we like a simulation game. The second is that we live our daily life as a software startup. We know a bit more startup than the average people and we believe that we can put our experience into the game and make it more immersive.

In Startup Panic, Player will first work from their bedroom, later on, he (or she) could move to a bigger office and hire more employees. Here is some of the feature  startup panic in a demo:
1. Create a feature for your startup
2. Make a decision in startup daily life
2. Hire an employee
3. Manage employees mood and motivation
4. Deal with competitor
5. and many more

You could try the demo version here:

If you have feedback or an idea about a game event that happened in real life and you probably think it will be great if it exist in the game, you can send your idea to 


what about things like piracy? that could be an ingame event where you have to do something to stop it

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