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First of all, thank you for the feedback. We understand that it takes effort to write feedback, especially with detailed like you just did. So again, thank you. 

We are sorry that you feel that way, and we also understand your frustration. We did some private play-testing with 12 or more peoples, and some of the results are consistent with your feedback. Right now we make some tweaks based on that feedback. Here are a little portion of the tweaks that we make:

  • We lower the difficulty
  • We make post-mortem give a clearer message about what is wrong and what is right
  • We reduce the chance of employee kidnapping
  • We add features that help a player when they near bankruptcy
  • etc

We understand your frustration, and we hear you. We will keep improving it until we can release it as a game that we can enjoy together.

Again, Thanks for the feedback.

HI! Thank you for the idea. We are (still) really enjoy creating the game ( A LOT!).

Continuing the dev log seems like a great idea. I'll try to make time for it somehow. There is a lot of things that we can write about (now we have female CEO!). 

Thank you for your feedback!

The control is easy. The art is mesmerizing. Can't wait to see the full version!

YES! We are really sorry about that but It turns out we need more time. We do some play-testing the other day and we realize that there are some elements in the game that need to be fix.  We know it kinda suck to miss our initial deadline, but hopefully this will make the game better when we release it.

Meme aside, we are really sorry, that we haven't given any update. I can assure you that the game is not dead. We have finished most (if not all) of the features last month, but there is always  some bug popping.  We already hire the best exterminator while in the same time we keep balancing the game. please be patient and hopefully when we publish the game, it'll be something that we all can enjoy together :)

Thank You!!!

Hi SevDeChef,

Thank you for playing and waiting! We've been developing Startup panic for a while now, so it brings warmth to our heart, and fire to our spirit knowing you anticipating our release date, and whenever we see someone enjoys it. THANK YOU!!! 

We're really sorry for missing the deadline. We're working hard as always, and the development is going (relatively) smooth, but unfortunately sometimes we stumble upon a problem that we didn't expect before that makes the development time longer. We've also added more content, stories, and features to make Startup Panic better.

Right now we expect to release Startup Panic around mid 2019. Again, this is only an estimation, but that is the date that we write with a big-bold font in our office. 

Again, sorry for the delay and we can't thank you enough for playing!

Sorry for the late response. Honestly, we're still not sure about the price tag, but the other game that have similar genre  put around $10-$20.

Thank you for playing! We've add tons of content for the full version. Hopefully we could release it on March or April. Thank you!  


Thank you!  We are planning to releasing on steam and itch. The early access date is between March and June 2019.

Hi, I have a blast watching your video. Thank you for playing and recommending it! :)


We update the motivation mechanic in version 5.22,  hope it will be less punishing.

There are no new game  play in 5.22 but we make the motivation mechanic more balance and less punishing. 

Hello coconut Mousse,

Thank you for playing and providing walk-through. We're still in rapid development to release the full version and this really help people who started playing Startup Panic.


Hello, Nick. Thank you for playing and sharing the demo. I'm glad you like it. We're still in rapid development to release the full version and this really fuel our spirit. We'll keep you updated.


Sure thing, Funghis. I will check the game out. :)

Kairosoft is great, they inspire us (among any other developers as well) and their game is one of the very few we first played on mobile. Love them.

Yes, we are totally aware about this balancing problem. We have tried to address the issue and released a new version, hopefully it can make it better. But we're still working on the right composition.

Thank you for playing! ^^


We work (really) hard to release in mid-2019. However, this is just an estimation. If being on time means that we will be releasing a half-baked game, then we rather delay the release ^^

Hello Denis,

Thank you!
We also love Kairosoft's (and Greenheart's  Games).  

The Startup Panic demo will last about 30 minutes. If you are not in a hurry, we will release a minor update in the one or two days. We hope that this update will make the game easier and more enjoyable.

Thank you for playing!

Since we have a lot of feedback from our demo release, we are planning to release next major update in a month. This update includes fixes from the feedback and one major new feature. 

For the "infinite mode," we are planning to put it in the beta version.

Thank you for playing the game!
How much do you think is the fair price for the barbershop? 

PS: The barber cost is way cheaper than here  :D 

First of all, thank you for the suggestion. 

Do you have any suggestion on how to balance it? Is the contract work is too difficult? Or the penalty when the player can't achieve a minimum score for contract work is too high? Or we simply just need to inform the player about contract work penalty? Or maybe you have other suggestions?

You are right, there is a motivation penalty for your team when you fail to do contract work properly (just like in real life :) )

To get a high score in contract work, try to find contract work that aligns with the highest stat of your player. For example, if your player has a high aesthetic skill, try to do a contract work that most of the work needs aesthetic skill (designing a logo, t-shirt, etc.)

Thank you for playing and the feedback!! Right now we are working on balancing the motivation penalty. 

We work (really) hard to release in mid-2019. However, this is just an estimation. If being on time means that we will be releasing a half-baked game, then we rather delay the release.

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Startup Panic is a simulation game about creating a startup. We choose to create startup panic for two reasons: The first reason is that we like a simulation game. The second is that we live our daily life as a software startup. We know a bit more startup than the average people and we believe that we can put our experience into the game and make it more immersive.

In Startup Panic, Player will first work from their bedroom, later on, he (or she) could move to a bigger office and hire more employees. Here is some of the feature  startup panic in a demo:
1. Create a feature for your startup
2. Make a decision in startup daily life
2. Hire an employee
3. Manage employees mood and motivation
4. Deal with competitor
5. and many more

You could try the demo version here:

If you have feedback or an idea about a game event that happened in real life and you probably think it will be great if it exist in the game, you can send your idea to