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don't click if you don't want to spoil the game for you

A topic by Fan Garbage created Sep 28, 2018 Views: 1,201 Replies: 8
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its is super creepy guys i tried going to the end from the start I deleted Monika then it started with Sayori panicing and game closed it self i reopen it to see the end and all the other characters were deleted


goes to show, you have to play the game without doing that to actually complete it.

XD i had that once you need to go to the JUST MONIKA part

Here's some advice, maybe next time don't delete Monika from the game.

If You Don't Del. Minika She Will Stay For A Long Time So You Would Rather Del., Her 


wut happened to sayori

well im a monika fan so.... 

i would delete the others first....


if you delete the others then you go to the ending much faster...

i think.

(this comment was written by a fan of ddlc but only has seen bijuu mike play it)

(it might be wrong ;-;)

this game scared the shit out of me! And i first thinked it would be a normal Romance game! ;( i wante'd to impress Yuri that Sayori died! then at "second" try where sayori where dead i don't wanted yuri anymore and then she killed herself! WTF was happening!