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No :)

This game is free, unless you're talking about donating to the creator. You have to extract the files with WINRAR and then don't drag the game out, just leave it inside the folder. Then double click to open the game.

I wish I could play this but It's laggy on my pc, tried to delete some things but it was still laggy as hell. I sure will play this in the future when I get a new pc. Saw some lets plays and it looks really good!

I got the cuddle date ending, first try.

Don't take the game out of the folder, leave it in the folder and then try opening the game from the folder.

I have a Windows laptop so I'm not sure but you can try downloading a Linux version of DDLC. After you do that, extract the files with WinRAR. You should get a little folder with all the characters and the executable game. ( DO NOT DRAG THE GAME OUT OF THE FOLDER, IT WON'T WORK. )

Download the Linux version.

Here's some advice, maybe next time don't delete Monika from the game.

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The reason you can't open the zip is that you don't have a program to extract the executable files. Therefore, you can't open the zip and don't have access to the files. You need to download WinRAR to extract the files to use them/play the game.