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Possible Chromebook download?

A topic by Monika Is Waifu created Jan 01, 2018 Views: 8,318 Replies: 26
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Would there be any way of creating a version for Chromebook? I can't play right now due to my Windows Laptop being broken, but I really want to try!! 


I'd like an answer to this question too.

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I'm  late to this. But there IS a way to get it on a chromebook. I have a video on it. But essentially I used ARC Welder to install the android port of the game (Which is still the same game) And played it within that. I'll link the video (Also the game may take up to 5 minutes or so to load for the FIRST time, as seen in my video, but nonetheless it still works. The load times become very fast after the first load) Also the game DOESN'T run slow like in the video, that was just due to me recording. 


If ARC Welder does not open just switch wifi off, restart your chromebook, and then it should open. You MUST KEEP the wifi switched off or ARC will crash. (Don't really know why it crashes, but this is an easy workaround)

a chromebook is a linux but i'm still trying to figure out a software to extract the file. if you find one that should work with the linux instructions, just look through the community things

chromeboos cant download games without some minor hacking of the chromeOs

I just got a chromebook but a chromebook is a linux but I can't download it on steam or on any website why is this. 


this is what you do


download this


download this (its says its unsafe but download it anyways)

then open arc welder (the first download) and click the plus icon button,

then select the file the second download gave you, now you will come to a page with settings, click "test" in the bottom right and it sould load, 

(its a unofficial port to android but works just fine)

and play to your hearts content!

hope to see you in the club soon!

- monkia

(ps: i'm happy i'm your waifu ;) )


Android extension works great! My only problem with playing on the google drive file is... how am I gonna get past act three if you have to delete Monika's character file to progress? It doesn't exactly show me any character files. I'm not there yet, as of the time of this post I only just got to act two, but I want to know for future reference.

why would you want monkia gone? she is best girl

Well, I want to progress the story at some point. As much as I love Monika, I want to see the ending of the game.

then after you get just monkia go on youtue and find the ending of the game

so there is no way to access the characters and beat it?

Sadly, due to how ARC works -- you won't be able to. On Android however it works, but due to the restrictions Google put on ChromeOS it's not possible.

the link no longer works

that is probably a scam so make a video doing that to show you  aren't lying  

Hey hands off he’s mine 

Deleted post

Reading all this makes me glad I have a good Windows PC!

some of us are not that lucky. but i love my chrome book!

ARC welder wont work for me what do i do now


cry. a lot


No its only windows and mac

I'm very late to the scene, however there is a way to play DDLC using a chromebook that involves some amount of internal modifications, however it is something you can easily do with just a chromebook. For one thing is I will not claim responsibility for you damaging a school chromebook if that's what you are you using. those are not yours so just stop immediately if thats what you are using. Alright so first you should follow the steps on this website  After you do so, you should download the .zip file of this of this game and unzip it using the terminal. Then in the DDLC folder, run and you should be good to go. if not then you should look for help with installing on a linux, after you make your chromebook a linux. Your chromebook is repairable btw

im so upset i cant get ddlc or hello neighbor due to this issue p.s any ideas for a game?

I have a Windows laptop so I'm not sure but you can try downloading a Linux version of DDLC. After you do that, extract the files with WinRAR. You should get a little folder with all the characters and the executable game. ( DO NOT DRAG THE GAME OUT OF THE FOLDER, IT WON'T WORK. )

Please we need a way

You'll need a lot of modifications. But quick and simple:

Enter Developer Mode
Install Linux with Crouton
Download DDLC Windows on
Unzip DDLC Windows
Double click the little .sh file