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You'll need a lot of modifications. But quick and simple:

Enter Developer Mode
Install Linux with Crouton
Download DDLC Windows on
Unzip DDLC Windows
Double click the little .sh file

Sadly, due to how ARC works -- you won't be able to. On Android however it works, but due to the restrictions Google put on ChromeOS it's not possible.

Update: I'm on 16.04 now and the Itch app works now. Thanks for the help!

But I'm on 14.04, the Itch app isn't for Ubuntu 14.04!

OK, I ran the sh, (and yes i did chmod +x) but I got permission denied. Then I tried with sudo. Same thing, can i get some help

Oh! OK! But then how am I supposed to delete character files at the end? Is it in the /home/ directory or in root or what?

Is there anyway to install it on linux without WINE? I imagine through a container, or a VM, but it lags alot.