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Linux version available?

A topic by BrokenSudo created Jan 14, 2018 Views: 738 Replies: 8
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Is there anyway to install it on linux without WINE? I imagine through a container, or a VM, but it lags alot.

The same version for Windows is executable on linux. Execute the file (maybe you need to give permission; in Ubuntu folders: Edit > Preferences > Text files executables).

Oh! OK! But then how am I supposed to delete character files at the end? Is it in the /home/ directory or in root or what?

it's there. the place that contains the sh file, also contains 4 different folders, one of which is characters folder. just extract the thing, open terminal there, and run the sh to play

OK, I ran the sh, (and yes i did chmod +x) but I got permission denied. Then I tried with sudo. Same thing, can i get some help


Just install the itch app and it'll run the linux version for you. Just easy.

But I'm on 14.04, the Itch app isn't for Ubuntu 14.04!

you can get a precompiled binary here: - Lets hope it'll work
maybe there is also an PPA for Ubuntu - I dont know.

Update: I'm on 16.04 now and the Itch app works now. Thanks for the help!