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you can get a precompiled binary here: - Lets hope it'll work
maybe there is also an PPA for Ubuntu - I dont know.

Her first poem already inticates that she feels lonely, misunderstood by everyone, worthless. Shes a very deep charakter, hiding behind a wall of sugar and sweets. Shes trying to fit into the world, shes trying to find someone whos able to understand that she suffers much in the background.

In her mind, everyone does what fits perfectly, except of her - shes only trying.

Natsukis road is there. It's just not readable for everyone. You almost need to have some kind of experience with the situation shes in until you see whats going on.

  1. Download the Itch "Appstore" 
  2. search ddlc
  3. click install
  4. click start

Just install the itch app and it'll run the linux version for you. Just easy.