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why not monthly updates?

A topic by cptredclaw created Sep 27, 2018 Views: 107 Replies: 2
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why cant you do monthly updates? you dont have to do weekly updates i understand that that would slow things down but at the very least you should do monthly or even promise every 3 months this will give u plenty of time for big updates but let us know that this isnt abandon ware cause thats the bottom line your coming across (to me anyways) as incompetent and uncaring of your fans thoughts and opinions 


Back in November we stopped doing weekly builds because we found downloads had dropped right off. At this point we realised we needed to make the game significantly better and relaunch it to reach a new, bigger audience. That's why we've not released anything for so long. Once the new version comes out (and it won't until we're happy we've made the game significantly better) we'll continue to do monthly builds. As for not caring about our fans' thoughts, we've had an open forum for ideas and opinions on both Itch and Discord since the day we launched. We take feedback very seriously and are always appreciative. Unfortunately, given we're a 2 man team, progress is slower than everyone would like. We try to keep everyone up to date with what we're doing at least once a month but sometimes we just don't have time because there's too much to do. You'll just need to be patient :D

oh i see i didnt know this was a 2 man operation. i just would like to see teaser updates more often on the page so i know u havent forgoten about us i really like this game