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Risen Kingdoms

4X Strategy Game With Strong RPG Elements! · By Armouredboar

Sound effect audio bug

A topic by fluent2332 created Jul 30, 2023 Views: 63 Replies: 1
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hello! Ok, so some sort of white noise-ish background noise is audible on the menu screen, sounds sort of like a giant battle or rainfall or something? Anyway, that carries on into the campaign and the noise just never goes away. It's quite loud and the volume settings do not affect it at all, weird. Any idea on this? Thanks, and cool game!

Hey fluent2332!

I've just looked into this and it seems to happen when there is rain present on the main menu battle screen, i'll upload a fix to this tomorrow, thanks for finding this and reporting! :) 

In the meantime a quick fix would be to restart the game until there is no longer rain in the main menu battle.