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the itch desktop app has update alerts. Makes it very easy to stay updated on all your games. Not saying anything past that it's your choice but there's a lot of cool games on itch that made downloading the desktop app for me well worth it. And then some

Hi, can you post about how to make this work? This is the English patch for the game, correct? Thanks!

Hi! I purchased the game but can't figure out how to play in English. Any help here please? Thanks!

Legacy community · Created a new topic Game Length

Hi! I just wanted to comment and suggest game length should maybe be customizable, or at least much longer than 4 hours. Imo of course, but this style of game really lends one to immerse themselves in and really 'feel' things, and I feel that is a bit short of a game length. Also purchasing your game now, looks great, ciao! :)

Would love to check this out in English! :)

Hello! This looks neat, but are you still working on it at all? Looks too cool to abandon! Haha. Hope you are well!

Hello! This looks great, is it still currently being worked on?? Hope you are well! <3

Hi! Game seems cool but I hit a bad bug. Can't get past the tomatoes quest at the Inn, when I enter the room where the person is sleeping and the chest of tomatoes is, the game freezes there and doesn't continue. Can this be fixed?? Thanks!

BUG: Game crashes trying to load some scene_battle_03 or something after the Knolls attack at Trent. Can't progress the game from here.

Hello! Just curious, is this a real game, with all that you say it includes? Not trying to be snarky, just genuinely curious, because if it is indeed a good and full game I would also consider purchasing your other game you have listed here! Cheers!

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Cool game! Quick question, how does Hailstorm for the Mage work? I use it in battle and then I see '-1' appear about 7 times and that's it. I thought it was 7% damage per second or something until the end of battle? Anyway, enjoying this, thanks for the effort! :)

P.S. Does Intelligence do anything after all? 

Hey, thanks for making this and sharing it with us! Cool game, but I ran into a *brick wall* after the first boss! Enemies got *way* too tough to deal with. What am I doing wrong? Did I not grind enough on the previous levels to gain that next level I needed? o_O

Hi. Looks cool, can we get an English version maybe? :)

Hey, looks great! Is this still alive though? Any word? Thanks!

Hi! Looking forward to the full release, it's 2024 now! :) Any word on that??

Hello! Just checking in. Any progress on this one? It looks well made I just want to make sure before buying that it's a full game. Hope you're well! :)

Seems great! But... how do you use a weapon?? I picked up the dagger but don't know how to wield it, and i assume spacebar swings it, but how do I get it into my hands after equipping it in the Equipment menu?? o_O

Sounds great! Guess this one won't get updated much then, so I guess I'll wait for the next one and maybe poke at this one sometime just to check it out. If you do a bit more to complete one of these styles of game, you could have a nice little indie hit on your hands someday! So great work and good luck, see ya around. :)

Thanks for the info! Would you say it's playable from start to "some sort of end" (being that it's a Skyrim-like!) ?? If so I may cover this on my YT channel if u don't mind. Seems like a cool project bud, great work! :)

Hi! How do I get a finished copy of this? Thanks!

Bought this one too! :D You seem to make awesome games, thanks again for your efforts.

Hello there. Cool game, I just purchased it to support. Looks right up my alley, a very deep and thoughtful RPG! Thanks for making it, just wanted to say hi. See u around!

Will def buy. Great work! <3

Hello! Cool looking RPG, but I am curious how many hours of content it has? Hoping for at least 20, I like big RPGs but please let me know. Thanks!

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Hey this is really cool! I love games like this, especially with the autobattle feature (I enjoy all the RPG stuff like outfitting peeps with gear and leveling them up etc. and watching them fight sometimes), but it seems there isn't much in the way of gear or leveling up? Is the game still being worked on, and do those features get unlocked at some point? Thanks!

Oh one more thing. Approximately how much content is in the game, hours wise? The bigger the better imo! :D Cheers!

Hi. Any English version yet? Would be really cool, game looks like a gem. Thanks!

Hi, I bought the game but when installed it only lets me play on Casual, it chooses that automatically and says "more options will be available on official release." Am I doing something wrong? I am pretty sure I downloaded the right package from the page here. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Hi Samuel! Thanks for the response. Wow, those are some *really* nifty things you mentioned there, I dig it a lot! More videos are coming, although I'm currently a bit up to my neck in games to play, haha. That said, I *will* be playing more of this gem, it's quite awesome so far and I'm thoroughly impressed. Thanks for checking out the videos!

So now you're *not* really going to finish it? Hmm. I'm not a developer myself but I would say, rather than upgrading the engine right now, if I were working on it I would try to get something done with what you have because you've done so much work in this engine. You can always upgrade down the line but imo (as an ignorant onlooker, yes) is that an upgrade right now isn't needed, especially when you can continue working on the HUGE amount of work that's already been done. Just my 2 cents though, take it or leave it if u want. 

As I said I'm excited about this project but I understand it's a tricky business creating something of this magnitude, or of any magnitude really. So I wish you luck and hope you can find the motivation to keep plugging away on it. Anyway, I'll keep you updated on the videos or uploads as I make them. Cheers!

Thanks for the reply! Seems like everything is working as it should based on your reply, except the repeating dialogue thing. It's just that lines at the end of an NPC's dialogue repeat when Billy starts his dialogue. It's not an infinite loop or getting stuck or anything, it just repeats a single sentence of dialogue and acts like Billy said it when the NPC just ended their dialogue with that line. It shows Billy's pic saying the line to start his dialogue, if that makes sense.

Glad the sequences are attainable. Question though, is there a way to see the input sequence in a menu before you use it in combat? Would just be a small quality of life thing if we could view the sequence and learn it outside of combat, but if not it's okay too, because we can just fight a simple enemy or something and practice the sequence there. So no biggie.

Hope you do finish the game but take your time. I really enjoy your writing style so I appreciate the NPC dialogues. Sorry to hear you get bored with that though. You're talented and it shows in this game. So I'll keep playing around with the version that's uploaded and check out any new updates, plus I may make some youtube videos for the game if that's cool with you? Not sure when those will go up but I'd like to do a Let's Play for it, hopefully with a closer to release version but I could maybe do a preview series for the "early access" version(s) too. 

Thanks again and good luck with the development.

My guy. That world map? IN-SANE!! Wow. What a thing of beauty. Bravo dude, I am going to be all about this game if and when it gets finished. Take your time though. Could be a real magnum opus here. Thanks for the rare gem Cookies!

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Hey Cookies, I started messing around in the game as you suggested and I found a few things.

1 - Stat Change, at least in the tutorial, seems a bit wonky. The NPC mentioned different classes get different amounts of HP per one point, right? However when I tried to increase HP with Billy it gave me ONE HP per point. Seems like a bug there.

2 - I had a hard time even with Easy lockpicking, lol! I eventually got the feel for it though. Same with casting spells and using combat techniques. Both quite challenging at first but once you get the idea it's not so bad. However, I'm curious. Does every different spell/tech have a different input sequence? The timing on the sequence overall is pretty tight on Normal difficulty it seems, but I only tried in the Tutorial Island. I don't mind missing it once in awhile, adds some cool tension to combat and lockpicking imo! Good stuff.

3 - SUPER ambitious game here, should have said this as point #1. You are a very talented dev, Cookies! Really looking forward to more. Going to tinker around here and there in the game and see more of it. P.S. Does the game have 85 quests currently implemented? I like your ambitious game dev attitude here, really good stuff. I love playing huge RPGs like this! 

Will play more and let u know. Cheers!

EDIT - 4 - A lot of times the end of dialogues repeat. For example, the character may end with the line "A life of adventure is hard.", and then Billy will say the same exact thing to start his dialogue. This has happened several times now with various repeating lines in the Elf Ranger intro and on the ship and on Tutorial Island. Hope this helps.

Awesome news! Glad to hear the game is still gonna be worked on. I didn't play much (yet) as I'm waiting on a full release if possible, but I'm hyped about checking this one out eventually! Good luck with everything!

Okay so, playing a bit thus far and I have to say, this game is NASTEE!! :) Really enjoying it so far. I had a suggestion or two, in case you are interested. 

1 - Summons seem to get a bit confused when there is a line of 3 allies anywhere in front of them. They will turn around and never seem to get past those 3 allies no matter what they try.

2 - It would be great to have a way to access your Allies HP during combat, to better know if they need to be healed. It's a minor thing but it goes a long way to keeping your summoned allies around longer for example, as inside combat it would be great to know for sure what their HP is at. Outside of combat is there a way to heal them as well? I didn't try that yet.

3 - Just got my first horse, and wow, both *mounted combat* AND *hauling loads* are incredibly cool! Great additions, really nice stuff here. When I saw my little Dwarf Fighter sitting on the horse AND doing 50% extra damage, *and all that extra movement*, wow, just wow. Lol!

Very cool game thus far, I def recommend it to anyone interested!

Hello! Left a comment on your Starcaller game. Man, you guys make the COOLEST RPGs!! So impressed with the trio of games, truly! I hope you will update Starcaller, that one has incredible potential too! I currently have a Myrkvidr Let's Play on my YouTube as well, love that one! Will give this one a download too but I usually only play on full release. Looking very forward to more!!

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Hello! Is this game still being worked on? I LOVE Myrkvidr and it seems you guy(s) make UNREAL RPGs!! Very cool and original stuff here. Hope to see more!!

Edit - Tried it out a bit, and WOW! Totally unique and crazy, just like Myrkvidr. We need more! :)

Game sounds really cool! I am going to wait for a final version though as I always do, but I wish you guys luck with the game and look forward to future updates! Cheers!

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Awesome! It's my pleasure Samuel. :) That said, I started recording the game and playing it for real and I hit another pretty rough bug - your starting Spells get randomized if you select them in character creation, UNLESS you go into the Spells tab AFTER creating the character and choose the Spells there. Very important to start the game with the proper spells!

Also, I love the little touches you seem to have added, making the presentation slicker than before, good job! Love the combat log, Persuade seems to function fine now (does it just work for Smith & Stables or other spots where the button is visible??), and the other little additions are nice. Cheers! If you'd like to see me play the game, check out GAME GOD FLUENT on YouTube, the video(s) will be up soon. Thanks again for the super cool RPG!! :)

EDIT #1 - Flencher said he would join us, but when we left the cave (successfully, by telling the truth that he was still alive - I tried to lie but the guards wanted to see the body and attacked me and were incredibly more powerful than us.) he wasn't in the Allies screen or anything. If you do fix this bug soon could you also add some sort of workaround to where I could get him back? Would love to have another ally like that in my party! :) EDIT #2 - Nvm, lol. I figured out how that part works, my bad! :)

Hey that's awesome to hear climjark!! Can't wait for the update, but take your time and do it when you're ready, ok? Cheers mate!!

Hello! Was this game ever finished? It looks interesting. Thanks!