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Second interest check: Everchanging chaotic world (more detail)

A topic by DireBoarGames created Sep 25, 2018 Views: 103 Replies: 3
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Hello everyone,

Some time ago, I posted an interest check thread.

I only got reply from just one man, and I am still not sure he understood me fully and correctly.

I want to share my idea with you again, but with more information and detail.

My idea, is to show chaotic world, that changes during gameplay.

I'll try to give an organized list of how I see it, maybe that way you'll understand me better.

1) Visually, I think of style that's called Dungeon Crawlers, a first person perspective RPG, where the world is built of squares of terrain, usually with turning by 90 degrees. Like older games of Might and Magic series (not Heroes), or Wizardry series, or Legend of Grimrock.

2) I want to make a special role-play ruleset, where the "chaos level" of character or place will have a huge impact on all actions. I am not sure how I will do it yet, so can't explain better.

3) The game world will be of a number of "panels", each such panel will be a separate world, surrounded by impassable terrain (let's call it "void" for now). To travel between panels heroes will need to use "boats" of NPCs (like any other travel services in games), or learn special skills or magic.

4) Each panel will have it's level of "chaoticness". The interior geography of stable panels won't change, and the geography of chaotic panels will change all the time.

Quote from older thread:


1) Cities are permanent from inside, but change their locations to each other. For example, first time to get from City A to City B you must go north, and next time, you have to go southwest.

2) Terrain itself changes, with -irregular- time intervals (the world is chaotic, don't forget). Mountains turn to swamps, river becomes lava and so on.


Of course, there will be more then just two options, between most stable and most unstable, there will be additional variants.

5) The chaos level will also have impact on monsters. For example stable worlds will have wolves and bears, and chaotic worlds will get Cthulhu like abominations, and those in between will get orcs and dragons.

6) Of course the chaos of the world will have impact on the story.

Well, that's what I thought of, for now. 

What do you think?


Zero interest, as I see. Well, I'll leave this thread open just in case someone has something to say.

it ios a great idea but also it would be complecated 

I made a prototype of such game for a jam:

It is small and with free assets, so I am showing it just to give an example of constantly changing world.