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Particle properties for mid-life and death question

A topic by cweller60 created Sep 15, 2018 Views: 75 Replies: 3
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Love the product, I have gotten a lot of entertainment out of it already, and I just bought it yesterday.  Quick question though.  Is there currently a way to configure properties of the mid-life and end of life (death) particles?  It would be nice to control the size, shape, color, ect of these.  Also, is the road map for updates public? 


Hi, you can use the timeline for that. Create points and of each point you can set any different setup for all properties ;)

No public roadmap, but in our plans are the Undo/Redo, Linux build,etc...


You can change the properties, what changing midlife and death emitters does is set which particle will be created at the event, you can modify the particle by changing the emitter properties.

Thanks for the replies! I haven't messed around with the time line yet. I'm going to give it a shot later today.