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Create your own 3D models and 2D sprites! · By Kenney

Bought Asset Forge, today.

A topic by pixelSmasher created Sep 12, 2018 Views: 287 Replies: 4
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Let me first introduce myself: I am an 3D artist. Kind of. I am not a programmer. I am in a team of a indie company. I learned very much until now. But even if i make my own models, Asset Forge was on my watchlist and i couldn´t resist anymore. I am working primarily with blender, the beast in itself in combination with substance painter (from the first version on, until now). Now i got the very crazy idea, to make a game by myself, to let the fantasy flow (had to). Because i know how much work it is, even with a team, i am searched already for some time (and probably) money safers. Asset Forge is one of them and even if i find out, it is just not right for my project, i could do something good to the Kenney universe ;) (the name itself reminds me of Kennywood, everytime i am reading it, which is a good thing!) 

My targets are Armory 3D (because it´s awesome) and Unreal Engine 4 (because it´s awesome, too).
It was a long and stoney way to find the right engine. I could not yet decide which one, so i will try it out - in both.
Aside of "my first (small and simple) game", i started a blog, to help others out and having a diary. 

Especially for beginners which are having less or no experience in this genre. I have the feeling that Asset Forge will fit into my pipeline perfectly. It looks good, it is intuitiv like no other software i used recently and it is great for beginner and advanced builders (like a rollercoaster tycoon for real games xD). And to build something is also very much fun (which is an very important part, too). The ability to import your own blocks and even some basic texture abilities are great on top. 

Thank you, Kenney! This one is unique and accessible + affortable == awesome! I am excited to push some boundaries with this one :D And i am also excited for 2.0! Let the blocks "roll!" ;) Greetings.


Welcome to Kennydom.  I actually keep wanting to call Kenny "Lucky" for some reason.  No clue why.

Post some of what you made in the models section.  I'd like to see this forum brought back to life.  I check it daily.

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Thank you =) I have some ideas for 3 different sets in mind and already started to work on the first one. A lot of forums went silent recently. And something like "causal mini effort games" (like buildbox and co.) don´t make it better, in my opinion xD But well, sometimes it is also great to have (or work with) a small group. I also do not work fulltime on something, so time is always a matter. 

I really like your sets, btw.! 

As soon i have something to show, i will post some pictures. I just try to figuring out at the moment, how i want to go from here. How i can add some custom textures, how i can reduce the polycount (without importing and exporting "a full house" through blender) and how the set is doing in a game engine (Armory 3D and Unreal).
The assets i will make are more "realsize" and "real world" pieces. I think AF ist also great in something like this and could maybe fill a gap, here. 

Keep up your great work! 

Edit: I think we have a very handy tool with AF which could also reduce some asset-flipping, by offering a "exchange" of inntuitive and fast accessable assets. I bought some Marketplace and Assetstore things, but somehow i wasn´t really satisfied by the most. I think much more of them should be available for free. Modularity is another thing i am missing sometimes. So i think even by changing some textures or reassembling some pieces in AF can help, too.

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Small update..
I did "upgrade" my workflow with free software only. Because is think all the software available at the moment is just awesome.
But i will continue my small asset package for AF.
I tried a lot of things to optimizing the output of models through blender, i think this extra step should be taken by AF itself. So i am looking forward to the next version. 
Another work around would be to create custom blocks .. more optimized. As you can see.. it is the front side. Instead of trying to make all sides visible at all times (depends on the model)..

..the backside of the "custom_block" is just one (face-)sided. Yes, you need at least 2 pieces for both sides (front and back for a wall as example) to be visible, but even with that, you can safe a lot of geometrie.
It is also very flexible, because now, you can mix the in and out sides of walls. 
The corners are fine, because there are no doubled faces. I hope you get the idea ;)  

Looks good so far.  TBH though, backface culling will keep the backfaces of models from being rendered and wasting processing power.  Just build everything as solid models.  It's simpler to build and simpler to place in Assetforge.