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Thank you =) I have some ideas for 3 different sets in mind and already started to work on the first one. A lot of forums went silent recently. And something like "causal mini effort games" (like buildbox and co.) don´t make it better, in my opinion xD But well, sometimes it is also great to have (or work with) a small group. I also do not work fulltime on something, so time is always a matter. 

I really like your sets, btw.! 

As soon i have something to show, i will post some pictures. I just try to figuring out at the moment, how i want to go from here. How i can add some custom textures, how i can reduce the polycount (without importing and exporting "a full house" through blender) and how the set is doing in a game engine (Armory 3D and Unreal).
The assets i will make are more "realsize" and "real world" pieces. I think AF ist also great in something like this and could maybe fill a gap, here. 

Keep up your great work! 

Edit: I think we have a very handy tool with AF which could also reduce some asset-flipping, by offering a "exchange" of inntuitive and fast accessable assets. I bought some Marketplace and Assetstore things, but somehow i wasn´t really satisfied by the most. I think much more of them should be available for free. Modularity is another thing i am missing sometimes. So i think even by changing some textures or reassembling some pieces in AF can help, too.