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UCCNC post processor

A topic by valhallaCNC created Jul 04, 2023 Views: 160 Replies: 2
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Hi Charlie...

I do different size projects, my projects are mostly one off signs. My canvas is always a different size and my origin point changes. Is there a ways to add canvas size (x-y-z),also point of origin in the header, and tools needed for entire project automatically ?  I add all these thing manually now.

Thanks Joe


Hi Joe,

You can define your tools, add them to the tool library, and then re-arrange them so the ones you most commonly use occupy the first ten tool library slots. Then, when you're working on a new project, you can just click 'Load Library to List" while in the Project Tools mode, which will copy the first ten tool definitions from your tool library to the current project automatically.

For the project size and origin all that matters is that you define a canvas volume that fits the cutpaths you want to generate - it doesn't have to be the same size as your workpiece but some people like to treat the canvas volume and its dimensions as their workpiece. The machine origin is relative to this volume - which is to say that wherever you want to zero your machine, relative to the generated toolpaths, is restricted to the canvas volume and its extents.

Does this answer your question?

 - Charlie

Hi Charlie..

I got that part, sorry my question wasn't clear enough. I was talking  about the actual g-code file itself. At the top of my g-code I manually put comments about canvas size(x-y-z), point of origin and the tools I need for that project. I was asking about editing the UCCNC Post Processor File to be able to include that information automatically . I don't see any options about that. Hope that's better explanation, questions seem so clear before coffee...

Thanks Joe...